• Sourcing from China – everything you need to know

After reading this, you’ll know all the information you need about sourcing from China. We have tried to give a comprehensive and complete answer to all your basic questions and prepare you for your own sourcing journey.

What is the process of sourcing from China?

This process is used to find and select the best product or service at a reasonable cost. Sourcing process contains 4 main steps as below, from submitting a sample order to shipping it through sea, air or land…

Step 1: we send the sample order for you
Step 2: we do the factory inspection after you compare the sample
Step 3: we submit the main order after evaluations by our agents
Step 4: based on the incoterms we start picking up your cargo and shipping it to your desire destination

Why Topshipping is the best option for sourcing from china?

It’s been a long time that Topshipping is having activities as a sourcing company that allow us to reduce the risks of sourcing such as financial loss, spoilage of good… During this time we have tried to offer our best to our clients. To ensure that all the standards are followed, we have paid a lot of attention to create the following advantages:

  • Offering cost effective sources with the highest quality possible
  • Provide our clients expert agents all around the China
  • Source the products with the shortest amount of time and highest available speed
As a sourcing company, we can fully manage the sourcing process with the mentioned standards above.

Offering unique sourcing services:

Our company is very efficient in sourcing process because it offers comprehensive and complete services based on the standards. This services include:

We also can advantage of the expertise of our agents.

Wherever you are, we are there

Sometimes companies prefer international sources over domestic ones, because they are accessible, cheap and well qualified in terms of quality and standards of the goods and products

Sometimes companies prefer international sources to domestic ones, because of their accessible, cheap and highly qualified

No matter where you are, you can have your order by using our global shipping services

Specially to:

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United Kingdom

You can fully trust us as well when it comes to freight forwarding services based on our long-term expertise in this field…
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