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Shipping to America is a really easy, hassle-free process when the right preparation has been completed. The world’s largest economy can be a vital shipping destination for businesses of all sizes. We can send your parcels and letters anywhere in the USA. If you need any help to place your order or have any queries please come through to our friendly knowledgeable team and we will do everything that we can to assist you. Read this article about shipping to USA.


shipping to USA: Courier to USA prices

  • Urgent, fast services are more expensive to provide than slower economy alternatives. Likewise, timed morning deliveries are more expensive than deliveries that can take place throughout the working day.
  • Size, – The larger a parcel is, the more a carrier will charge for routing it through their network.
  • Taking your shipment to a drop off pointy or a depot will lower the cost of shipping, as it saves the courier from additional collection costs.
  • If you are sending your shipment to a moan city, this has a lower delivery cost than addressing the parcel to a remote area.
  • Weight – The heavier a parcel is, the more resource it costs the courier to move it, hence the more expensive it is.
  • shipping to the USA: Liability Cover. The more liability cover that your shipment requires the higher the cost of providing this is to the courier service, which is passed onto the customer.

Transit times to the USA

shipping to USA: For our cheaper economy services, transit times can stretch to approximately 4 days. These short transit times are possible because the US is so well-served by carriers.

shipping to usa

Electronics in the US

shipping to USA: The form should be completed and attached to the customs invoice for the parcel. This must be completed by the sender and confirms that the electronics being sent abide by the FCC standards of import. The import of electronics is governed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). When sending electronics to America, the FCC requires an additional form for customs clearance.


shipping to usa