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First time shipping to Europe: Freight means sending goods to air, sea or land. The first step in sending goods to Europe is whether air or land is telephone advice on choosing the type of shipping, as well as the cost of shipping to Europe and its countries. In the second step, if necessary, our experienced experts will go to Europe to check and pack the load for a load.  Read this article about shipping to Europe.



Shipping to Europe: In the conditions of carriage to Europe (ferry to Europe), whatever the charge, it must be packed in precision and packed as a pallet or metal to ship to Europe.


Package for shipping to Europe

Shipping to Europe: Failure to observe the standard packaging, negligence, and inaccuracy in the complete covering of goods and equipment causes damage to the goods and damage to the delivery of goods to Europe. Finally, in addition to the losses incurred in sending goods to Europe, the cost of shipping goods to Europe (freight charge to Europe) paid by the customer is also added to his losses.


Preparation of packaging before ferrite to Europe

Shipping to Europe: All items of goods, supplies and pre-ferrite times to Europe must be numbered and prepared in a precise list. The list for Freight to Europe should be translated into English and set up to be available. The English version of Freight to Europe is essential, whether land or air, for delivery to the destination customs.

shipping to Europe

Delivery to the airline or trailer to ship to Europe

Shipping to Europe: When shipping a load to Europe by air after the airline bill is issued, goods will be delivered to Europe to carry air freight. When you load a load into Europe with a trailer, after you have checked your goods and supplies in the customs, it will be used to carry cargo to Europe.


Cargo insurance

Shipping to Europe: An internationally recognized insurance policy for freight to Europe will be determined by land and air according to the value of the goods being shipped.