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Shipping from China to USA

For Shipping from China to the USA, how best can goods be shipped from/to the United States? Will you be importing (or exporting) goods between America and China? Are you doubtful of the regulation or of the mode of transport? Even though the huge amount of online guidance makes it extremely difficult to find decent information. Our Chinese experience helps to provide us with your logistical requirements with the most reliable and technical responses.


Sea Freight

When time is not a factor and costs are your primary concern, try Topshippings sea freight services. Our company offers consolidated and full containers shipments.

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Air Freight

The fastest shipping services are available from Topshipping. Our air freight options include standard, economy, and expedited.

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Cargo Insurance

All carriers must carry a minimum amount of insurance. This is vital to provide you peace of mind. Topshipping gives full coverage for all consignments.

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Lower your costs

Choosing the best mode of transportation for your company will help you to save money.

Stress-free shipping

We have a professional team for providing you precise cargo and logical solutions in your budget.

Cargo Consolidation

Collecting goods from different suppliers in China and consolidating them into one single shipment, in order to save your time and costs, is our responsibility.

All you have to do is perform a few simple tasks. Let us manage the heavy part and go to sleep while you are waiting for safe delivery.

  1. Chinese provider(China)
  • Guidance for the delivery of documents
  • Filing of the export declaration
  • Limited screening of parties
  1. Transportation and documentation secure
  • Reservation of freight
  • Insurance for freight
  • Tracking of shipments
  1. Shipping
  2. Customs
  3. Services of transport (destination)
  4. Deliver to you

What you're doing?

  • Send your application to us and wait until you receive a simple quote on your doorstep, including the costs.
  • Send us your supplier's contact details.
  • Watch and wait at any stage of the shipping mechanism for progress reports.
  • Sign for confirmation of delivery
The case of the port of Antwerp
The case of the port of Antwerp

What we’re doing?

  • Get your application
  • Make sure that you get the best value for your money by developing the best method of shipping your products.
  • Make sure that you don't worry about any extra costs by creating an invoice with all predictable costs for shipping your goods.
  • For any questions you may have about the shipping process, we will be able to answer all the questions you need to make the process as straightforward as possible.
  • When we receive contact from the supplier, we will contact the suppliers, take their goods and book them for the air or ship.
  • We will ensure that you receive your goods at the earliest possible date of arrival and not the shortest transit period by booking your transit service.
  • We ensure that your goods are cleared smoothly via customs and booked onto the airplane or ship to export from China.
  • At the transportation of products, we will make sure that everything necessary to get your good via customs is in place.
  • We shall ensure that customs are cleared at the least relevant rating upon arrival in the destination country.