Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing & Distribution

In the present world, technology plays a critical role in many different aspects of our lives. Thanks to improvements in this era, now a day companies and businesses all around the world are capable of communicating and trading with their clients efficiently. Thanks to international regulations and facilities that freight forwarder companies, such as Top Shipping provide, participating in the global trading market is not a big deal anymore.


Entire procedure of shipping a product can consist of different phases and parts, each of which play an important role in delivering freights safe and based on a firm timeline. In the overall supply chain, one of the most critical parts is warehousing and distribution. Warehousing is the point where products will be paused and touched, therefore it can be both space and time consumption. Yet safety of cargo is another important issue which should be taken care of, especially in this part of the entire procedure.

Warehouses and distribution centers

Many of the importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, transport businesses and exporters store their products and cargo in huge commercial buildings which are named as warehouses or distribution centers. Different types of products can be stored in a warehouse, such as groceries, raw materials or packing foods. These building are equipped with special tools, such as large docks for loading the products, forklifts or cranes to ease the storing procedure. Further special conditions, such as the temperature, should also be considered based on the type of cargo which is stored in a warehouse. All of the companies all around the world can be benefited by warehousing and distribution services which are mostly provided by freight forwarder companies, such as Top Shipping.

On the other hand, distribution centers also provide the opportunity of storing products to manufacturers. All those products which are stored in distribution centers can later be redistributed to other places or even directly to the customers. Online retailers, e-commerce businesses and companies which participate in the global trading market are the main users of distribution centers. A cargo can be stored in a warehouse and distributing center both at home or in abroad. Therefore, it is important to hire international freight forwarder companies, such as Top Shipping, to take a proper care of all the regulations and bureaucratic steps which are involved in this step of freight shipping.

The importance of warehousing and distribution

One of the key factors in running a company and business is to keep operation costs as minimum as possible. Inevitably, this is also become a top priority for international freight forwarder companies, such as Top Shipping. Companies such as Top Shipping try to provide the best strategies and freight shipping services to maximize their client’s profit margins. In this regard, and thanks to fast modern shipping methods, it has been thought that many of the large warehousing and distribution centers would be eliminated. The latter never happened due to the critical importance of warehousing and distribution in business supply chains all around the world. It is almost impossible to omit warehouses and distribution services from logistics of those companies which are particularly participating in the international trading markets. In the following we explain benefits of warehousing and distribution services.

Warehouses and distribution centers can be centralized locations for your business operations. It can make procedures of receiving, preparing and shipping products and goods to consumers easier and economically friendly. Therefore, it can play an important role for your company or business. However, location of these distribution centers and services that a company would look for depends on the type of freight. Some companies prefer their distribution centers to be located in middle of big cities, so that they can reduce the costs and provide fast deliveries to their consumers. On the other hand, some businesses prefer to have their warehouse or distribution center to be located near a shipping doc to make receiving goods, such as raw materials, from suppliers easier, faster and cheaper. To choose the best location for warehouses and distribution centers, companies are suggested to consult their situation with companies that provide warehousing and distribution services, such as Top Shipping. These companies can also help your business in further consults. As an example, these companies can provide you essential information which can be helpful for your company in choosing the right services and warehouses. These information can lead to best services at best costs possible.

A common and critical concern of companies and businesses are potential fulfillment issues. It is important for businesses to deliver their products on-time. “Security stocking” is the right opportunity that warehousing and distribution services can provide you. Lost, damage or delay are expected complications for your products when they are shipped to different parts of the world. This can result in fulfillment issues. However, if you store enough products to supply needs of the market for one month or more, you will save your company from further financial penalties or bad reputation. This is the option that warehousing and distribution centers can provide you. Freight forwarder companies, such as Top Shipping, are familiar with complications that can happen through the freight shipping procedure. Therefore, they can provide you good consult on the amount of products that need to be stored and other logistic information.

In the world we are living and trading today, time is everything. In this regard, for some traders warehouses and distribution centers can also be a part of the manufacturing chain. Having adequate equipment and trained staff can help your company to perform the very last, yet not very complicated, steps of assembling products in the time of need and at the place of your warehouse or distribution centers. This can help your company not to lose customers and be able to feed the market, spontaneously.

On the other hand, there are products which are produced only in particular situations but are demanded through the entire year, such as fruits which can be produced only in particular seasons. In contrast there are products which can be produced through the year, but are demanded highly during a particular period. For both cases, warehousing and distribution services can facilitate the production and distribution on both small and large scales.

Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing and distribution centers also allow companies and businesses to scale their operations up. The latter can happen without a significant increase in costs. In other words, business owners and companies can monitor consumer trends and stock up their products accordingly. With the advantage of warehouses and distribution centers, companies can provide more products in certain cycles, such as peak holiday seasons for clothing, and be benefited financially.

Different types of warehouses and distribution centers

There are three different types of warehouses and distribution centers:

Private warehouses

In order to fulfill their own storage needs, big manufactures and merchants usually own their own private warehouses. Constructing a warehouse or distribution center is expensive and those companies who need to store their products on regular basis choose this option. On the other hand, companies that provide special products that need to be kept under special conditions, prefer to choose this option as well. The latter is mostly due to financial reasons. Big companies can also have their own network of private warehouses in different parts of a country or even in different countries all around the world.

Public warehouses

Special business establishments with storage facilities are usually available at different cities all around the world. These public warehouses and distribution centers usually provide all the services that is typical for these types of centers with certain charge to the public. Public warehouses and distribution centers are usually located in the junctions of waterways, highways and railways to reduce costs and ease the storage procedure. Safe custody of products is also guaranteed by their high security. A public warehouse or distribution center can be operated by individual owners or a cooperative society. These public warehouses and distribution centers should usually be under a special license from the local government. Also, these centers should follow especial rules and regulations by which government can control them and guarantee the safety of stored cargo.


Public (duty-paid) warehouses and distribution centers are important facilities in domestic and international freight shipping services. Small manufacturers and traders sometimes need to store their products in another country, or they cannot afford their private warehouse and distribution centers in their own region. For these companies, public warehouses and distribution centers are the right answer. These centers can provide all the warehousing and distribution services with a reasonable cost.
Locating a proper public warehouse or distribution center, especially beyond the borders of a country, can be a tricky and time consuming procedure. Risks are high and a deep knowledge of regulations under which the warehouses and distribution centers are operated, is required in order to guarantee the safety of your products. Therefore, taking the advantage of warehousing and distribution services that international freight forwarder companies, such as Top Shipping, provide can benefit your business and protect it.

Bonded warehouses

In different countries, government license ware houses, known as bonded warehouses, to store imported goods until the payment of custom duty. These warehouses and distribution centers are operated either under control of custom authorities or government itself. Services and facilities that a bonded warehouse and distribution center provides is similar to services of a public warehouse and distribution center.

Warehousing and distribution services at Top Shipping

Warehousing and distribution management is an essential issue for companies and any other type of logistics systems. A proper warehousing and distribution management can help business owners, traders and manufacturers in ensuring on their efficient supply chain system and protect them. However, managing this part of shipping for smaller businesses and companies can sometimes be difficult, especially for international freight shipping services and those products which need to be stored for a while in another country.

Here at Top Shipping we offer a complete range of shipping and transport services, including warehousing and distribution. Our expert team can offer your company flexible and modular solutions as part of the warehousing and distribution services that we provide. Our team accompanies you and monitors your freight form at different stages, such as receiving the cargo, its storage and re-distribution. Experts at Top Shipping will also take care of your especial requirements and conditions that have to be taken care of due to the type of your freight. All the aforementioned services is regardless of distance and can be provided at any countries all around the world.

Warehousing & Distribution

With years of experience in working with different clients and companies all around the world, Top Shipping can help your business in finding proper public warehouses and distribution centers in Iran as well as many different countries all around the world, such UK, Malaysia, Canada, USA and European countries. With the help of our educated and expert team, you will be able to meet your storage need, at any part of the world, easily and economically. Paperwork’s and any other time consuming steps related to warehousing will be also covered by our team at Top Shipping.

Regulations and laws under which these centers are operated, can vary at different countries all around the world. As part of warehousing and distribution services that we at Top Shipping provide, we observe all the regulations under which warehouses and distribution centers are operated. This can help your business to be safe of any financial penalties and complications. Therefore, we can guarantee you a relax and safe freight shipping service.

Once products are stored in a warehouse or distribution center, they are exposed to many different risks, such as theft, exploration, fire or deterioration. Here at Top Shipping we ensure our clients that all these risks will be taken care of perfectly. Our experienced team will take reasonable care of freights and cargo which are stored in warehouses and based on regulations and types of insurances, they can offer you solutions to prevent any financial penalties and complications that can put your business at risk.

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