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Sea Freight shipping: A historical, cheap and dominant method for global shipping of your products and services

Thanks to the improvements of technology, different companies all around the world started collaborations and participating in partnerships.

Through the time, these collaborations have built a big global trading market within which freighting plays a crucial role. For many centuries, different modes of transportation and freight services have been developed. Transporting and delivery of products by the help of horse drawn wagons used to be the dominant method for many years.

This was one of the slowest and the most dangerous methods of freighting. Later on railways and steamboats, helped business owners to reach further cities faster and way safer. Along with the invention of air planes, which is considered as a revolution in the freight shipping industry, introduction of cargo ships was also another huge step in the freight shipping industry. Cargo ships were used to deliver products and provide freight services for centuries all around the world.

Among different freight services, sea freight shipping is one of the safest and cheapest ways possible for delivering products and goods. Due to these factors, even in the modern world of trading and freighting, sea freight services are accountable for transporting more than 90% of world trades.

Sea freight shipping through time

By looking through the history, one can easily understand that ports and ships have always been an important medium for trading and commencing products and services all around the world and for thousands of years. Many types of products were shipped by flatboats and rafts before the introduction of steamboats, in nineteenth century. Sea freight shipping used to be risky and time-consuming since basic modes of transportations were used. In addition to these factors, crew that was needed for paddling also increased the cost of shipping on those days.

Thanks to developments in technology modern steamboats, sea freight shipping became faster and more efficient. Cargo ships these days are perfectly capable of providing heavy freights shipping such as pipes, heavy machinery and even packed foods in special refrigerators to any parts of the world. Besides that, huge containers that can easily be moved on and off a ship, can be used for the purpose of shipping a variety of commercial goods, such as: foods, textiles and electronics. Technology improvements in building engines and more reliable cargo ships has caused the global cargo weight to grow by a factor of roughly 10 during the second half of twentieth century. This trend of growth has started since 1986 and shows around 4% of increase per year.


Sea freight shipping, an old but efficient method of freight shipping

Nowadays, companies and manufacturers do use raw materials which are provided from different parts of the world and also sell their products in the global trading market, which means their customers are not necessarily in the same region as they are. The mechanism of receiving the raw materials and selling the products back is called the supply chain, which has become more sophisticated in recent decades. These procedures, which is also builds a great part of the importing and exporting industry of each country, can cover a wide area or even can be done through continents. Due to the economic reasons, companies prefer to choose the safest, cheapest and most practical freight shipping services in order to keep their companies and supply chains run efficiently.

Sea freight shipping has a long history. Different nations through the history have employed this method to transport their goods. This freight shipping method did not lose its importance through time and even in the modern world, it is still counted as one of the promising ways of freight shipping. Every day, around 20 million cargo ships and containers are moving across waterways. They are capable of moving different products, regardless of their size and weight, to different destinations. No matter how far your clients are, ships and containers along with international freight forwarder companies can serve them with your services and products in the cheapest and safest ways possible.

Most of the international freight companies suggest sea freight shipping for less perishable goods and products. The key factor in sea freight shipping is time. With a good scheduling, ocean freight shipping can be as reliable and efficient as other types of shipping services, such as air freight shipping or railway shipping. This assures you that all your goods would be delivered to their destinations in time and with the best cost-benefit ratios.

Sea freight shipping consist of more than 90 percent of world’s entire international trade, which is more than 5.1 billion tons per year. The sea freight shipping is considered as one the oldest but also the most efficient methods of shipping all around the world. In the modern trading market, more than 150 countries are participating in the ocean shipping industry and more than 55000 cargo ships are active in this trading system. The ocean shipping is also a big market in terms of employment, as more than 1.5 million sailors are employed and working in this industry all around the world. Ocean shipping is an efficient way for shipping goods and international carriers, such as: foods, products for consumers, cars and fuel and raw materials.

What are the advantages of sea freight shipping?

With the invention of boats and cargo ships, transporting goods has become possible over any distance by boats, ships, barge or sailboats and over natural waterways such as: canals, lakes, rivers and seas. Sea freight transportation can be used for commerce, recreation or military purposes. Due to these facts, waterways all around the world, including canals, are counted as one of the most important and integral parts of the worldwide economies.

Almost any products or materials can be moved by water. However, similar to other freight shipping methods, the product and the entire situation play important roles in choosing the proper shipping method. As an example, when the material delivery is time-critical, as for different types of perishable products, then sea freight shipping would not be a proper choice. In this regard, international shipping methods can provide proper freighting services, including consults, to ease the entire shipping procedure.


Sea freight shipping is highly cost efficient and it can be scheduled regularly. The size and weight of freights do not really matter in sea freight shipping, as bulk cargos such as ores or grains can be shipped in the same way as other heavy loads. It would be easy to schedule a trans-oceanic product shipping for all the aforementioned types of products. According to this fact, all those places where have access to navigations or any type of watercrafts as well as natural waterways, such as canals, have undergone industrial revolution. These facilities support cost effective freight shipping which can be a key factor in industry and success of different markets.

On the other hand, sea freight shipping has always been crucial for countries through the history. Therefore, entire waterways and shipping is controlled by international regulations. In other words, safety of waterways and sea freights is governed by different international organizations. In this regard, sea freight shipping is counted as one of the safest freight shipping methods.

Different types of sea freight shipping

Sea freight shipping distinguishes between two types of cargos: Bulk and general.

Bulk cargos are usually shiploads of a single commodity and can be classified into two groups: dry bulk and liquid bulk. Major dry bulk cargoes consist of products such as iron ore, grain, sand, bauxite and scrap metal. Liquid bulk cargos, or as usually they are called tanker cargoes, consist of products such as petroleum, chemicals, crude oil and vegetable oil. Liquid bulk cargo makes up around 4% of global cargo.

However, other types of bulk cargos such as break- bulk or neo-bulk are also possible. Break-bulk cargo are basically cargos with non-container packaging. Paper, automobiles and lumber are classified as neo-bulk cargos.

Services that we provide

Economy in the modern world highly depends on the efficient movement of freights. That is due to the fact that transportation is critical in budgeting and management of a company, especially those small or mid-sized ones. With a proper freight shipping, companies can connect to the global trading market and serve their customers all around the world properly. There are international shipping companies who can provide facilities and opportunities to help you through your products’ freight shipping procedure. In this regard, hiring a good team of shipping forwarders can save for your company time, money and reputation of in-time deliveries.

To choose the best shipping forwarder company, you need to pay attention to several factors. The shipping forwarder team that you choose, is supposed to take care of the logistics, resources and regulations. This team should also provide a great customer service.

A professional shipping forwarder team would have all the knowledge needed in the logistic field and processes that are involved during your freight shipping process. These processes includes customs clearance, documentations and any other steps that have to be taken for a smooth and successful product transportation-. Risks, the best methods and solutions as well as schedules of transporting are other practical and necessary information that a good freight forwarder team should provide.

Yet another benefit of hiring an expert team of freight forwarders is the state of the art technologies and up-to-dated knowledge that this team can hire in order to optimize your companies’ logistics matters. Modern online tracking outlets is an example of what can be handled timely and safely by a professional team of freight forwarders for meeting the deadlines.

One of the most important factors in choosing an expert international Seafreight forwarding team, is their network and resources. We are living in a globalised world where companies are feeling the necessity of communication and visibility through partnerships and contacts, increasingly. Therefore, hiring an expert team of freight forwarders who can help these companies in this regard, can be so beneficial for companies, especially small and mid-sized ones. Professional freight forwarding companies are usually part of a bigger global network and have connections all around the world. Interactions between international business generation and forwarders would provide overseas facilities and services.

Costumer service also plays an important role during the freight shipping process. A professional team of freight forwarders are usually willing to face needs of their customers and adapt the best solutions possible to client’s requirements. Therefore, customer services that a freight forwarder company provides can assure its clients on the entire shipping procedure and clearance of each steps that are taken in this regard.

The industry of importing and exporting in each country is controlled with several complicated rules. These rules are not necessary similar among different countries. The freight forward team you choose need to have a deep knowledge and great experience in rules and regulations of those countries which are involved the freight process of your products. Therefore, choosing those expert teams can assure you on a smooth and safe delivery whiten the preferred time-table.

We are an international freight forwarder company that our expert team can provide shipping services to different parts of the world. Our shipping forwarder service covers different destinations such as: UK, China, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Japan and Middle East countries. Our company has long standing collaborations with different nodes and clients all around the world, so that our network and resources can provide our customers the opportunity of being linked up with global trading market. Among different shipping services that we provide, we can take care of your sea freight shipping orders in the best way possible.

By constant monitoring of regulations and operations in different countries, our freight forwarder company guarantee to save its clients from financial penalties. Services such as transshipment can also be provided by our expert team in the best way possible. Our experienced and educated team can provide you information to choose the best routs available and manage your sea freight shipping costs and timetable.

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