Custom Brokerage

Custom brokerage and its importance

Now a days, companies and businesses all around the world are aware of the importance of communication and trading with different parts of the world. Participating in the global trading market can not happen without freight shipping services. In other words, freight shipping forwarders play a crucial role in helping different companies to participate in this market and to take advantage of its benefits.

Custom Brokerage

We are usually unaware of the sheer magnitude of freights, such as raw materials and goods, that cross international borders every day. To deliver freights properly, companies usually have to deal with several regulations and laws. The latter becomes more difficult and important for international freight shipping services where freights should pass geographical borders. Laws and regulations can vary in different countries. Customs brokerage can help companies in this regard as it facilitates delivery of freights across boarders.

What is Custom brokerage?

For those companies who are participating in the international trading market, it is of highly importance to ensure their cargo enters a country safely and in compliance with specific rules and fearsome line-up of regulations. These rules are usually different for each country and are set by government departments, agencies and bureaus. This is one of the most difficult yet important parts of a freight forwarding service. Laws concerning export and import of goods as well as customs regulations are constantly changing in different countries and all over the world. This changes can occur yearly, monthly or even daily. Any misunderstanding or mistake can cause your company or business legal fees and fines. In severe cases, your right to import can also be jeopardized.


In order to avoid such complicated situations, Customs brokerage has been developed. Customs brokerage is basically the regulatory clearance of freight deliveries and shipments across international borders all around the world, both for individuals and organizations.

What does Custom brokerage involve?

Importing and exporting goods, especially through international boarders is not a simple endeavor. Individuals or companies need to fill in especial forms and provide particular documentations. Usually these forms and laws can vary for different products and freights. Taxes, excises and duties that have to be paid are also different based in the freight that you want to deliver. On the other hand, international trading is governed by a whole host of regulations. In addition to all the mentioned steps, familiarity with laws and regulations which are different for particular products should also be considered.

Customs brokerage has been designed to take care of such steps. Expert customs brokers, based on your particular commodities, can help you to understand trading laws, their changes and import specific products better. This can help you to reduce the risk of trading and save your business from further complications. Custom brokers are usually experts of the field who have also a deep knowledge in different fields which are needed to complete a successful freight shipping delivery, such as: valuation, classification, admissibility requirements, taxes and duties imposed on imported products and entry procedures.

To take the advantage of customs brokers, you can either employ them in your company or start a collaboration with shipping forwarder companies that usually provide customs brokerage services. Based on the current regulations, each company must have a broker license to be able to participate in trading and business. The latter means that companies need to employ at least one partner, associate or officer who is individually licensed. This means that you and your company, as client, will grant the hired customs broker all the necessary authority to act on your behalf.

Why using the service of a custom broker is necessary?

Every year, Custom brokerage saves many companies and businesses all around the world. There are many reasons explaining why you, as a business owner, should consider customs brokerage service. However, based on your particular products and contribution to the global trading market, these services can vary. In the following, we will mentions some of the main reasons that can resonate with your special needs.

  • Deep knowledge in complicated regulatory requirements: Hiring expert and educated workforce full-time to take care of custom’s brokerage can be expensive for some companies. These companies may not require freight forwarding services frequently. They can also be those type of companies that they usually participate in the domestic trading market, where regulations are not as complicated as the international ones. In this regard, hiring a company providing customs brokerage services can be a good solution. Usually these companies take care of all the steps you need, from logistics, freight forwarding, distribution and warehouse as well as custom’s brokerage services. Their well educated workforce and experiences in providing this service for various cases can help you in your freight deliveries and solving probable complications. Hiring these companies to take care of your deliveries can assure you on their safety and on-time shipment.
  • Saving time and energy in the procedure of custom clearance: One of the most important yet time consuming parts of shipping procedure, is custom clearance. By hiring an educated custom broker, your company will save time and energy to provide better services all around the world. Your custom broker can take care of this procedure regardless of the port of entry.
  • Reduce unnecessary costs: As it has been mentioned before, regulations and rules of cross-border transactions change constantly. This issue can cause in costly delays, confiscation of merchandise, fines and other financial penalties. By taking the advantage of custom’s brokerage, these risks can be taken care of and your company or business would be safe of any unnecessary costs.
  • Verifying declarations: According to the present rules, you are legally responsible for all those customs declarations that are prepared on your behalf. It means that, any mistakes or misunderstanding in the declarations can cause your company financial penalties, audits or even sanctions. Verification of your declarations by a licensed customs broker can reduce such risks for your company and business.
  • Paperwork: Along with the custom clearance, communication with agencies in other countries and following different steps of cargo shipment can require a huge amount of paperwork. This procedure is not only time consuming, but any minor mistake at any part of it can cause your company significant costs. Therefore, hiring a custom broker who is also familiar with these steps, can help you in saving energy, money and time.
  • Proper identification of goods: For importing or exporting any products to a country, you have to pay duties or taxes. This costs are classified based on the type of products. Usually customs brokers are familiar with Harmonized Tariff schedule, which is a compilation of all taxes and duties a company should pay based on the type of freight. According to this schedule, each type of product, receives a number based on the major group and sub-groups that it can be classified to. This classification can ease the identification procedure for the purposes of customs duties.
  • Formal entry for easy clearance of shipments: Some types of freights, such as food or pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, biological materials, chemicals, medicines and dairy or agricultural products, need formal entry. The latter is the formal declaration which usually consists of specific information on these products. This information should usually be provided by the exporter. On the other hand, formal entry is needed if the value of your shipment, regardless of its type, exceeds a certain value. As an example, in United States of America, all the shipments that exceed the value of $2500 require a formal entry. The formal entry paperwork is also a long and complicated procedure. The cargo is usually held at the customs until the paperwork completes. An expert custom broker can help your company in this regard. The knowledge of rules on one hand, and his or her experience on the other hand can reduce the risk of financial penalties for you and provide you a fast secure delivery.

NAFTA certificate and custom’s brokerage

Importing and exporting goods require a huge amount of paperwork. Some of the forms and documents are easy to complete, such as commercial invoices, customs invoices and packing slips. To complete such documents, you need invoicing or shipping data, such as consignee, description of goods or carrier name.


Among these documents, a company should also fill in the NAFTA certificate of Origin. This is one of the complicated steps in shipping products. All the goods and products that are listed in this document should be qualified under the NAFTA and corresponding regulations which should be observed. Providing accurate information in this list is of great importance, as any irregularities can expose your company to financial penalties and delays in shipments. By hiring an expert custom broker you can reduce these types of risks and provide your costumers a fast freight shipping service. Your custom broker can analysis your case carefully and after accurate determination of your products can assist you by recommending alternative solutions so that your freight would meet the the NAFTA requirements.

Services that we provide

A freight forwarder company can provide you several different services, among which the
customs brokerage is of great importance. Custom brokers can help you in FDA regulations, in navigating the perils of intellectual property rules and most importantly the classification of your products that can ease the procedure of formal entry. These experts can also take care of your specific needs and your business in general.

Custom Brokerage

We as an international freight forwarder company are taking the advantage of our expert and well educated custom’s broker who can assure our clients on a safe and fast freight delivery. Our team is responsible of being familiar with regulations and ensuring that these rules are followed, completely. Our team of expert Custom’s brokers try its best to alleviate the stress of dealing with regulations and customs officials for our clients. Our team works as translators who are communicating with government and agencies all around the world, within the shipping process, to make sure all the necessary procedures are followed, completely.

Our well educated team of custom’s brokers can provide our clients services, such as:

  • Acting as liaison between the relevant agencies and your company while helping your products to meet the required standards governing import and export
  • Preparing and submitting information which is necessary for the Customs authorities as well as payments on behalf of your company.
  • Assess commercial documents to see if they are compliant with regulatory requirements, prior to their submission
  • Controlling the critical documents, such as commercial document, to see if they are compliant with regulatory requirements. This procedure usually takes place before their final submission.
  • Precise classification of your products which can lead to proper determination of duties and taxes
  • Assisting you in expansion of your business to new markets. This service is especially designed for those companies who are willing to provide their products and services to customers beyond the boarders. Our expert team of custom’s brokers will be present on both sides and can help you to connect with our collaborators across all around the world for further negotiations and collaborations in future. Our company assure you that all these procedures will take place safe and efficient.
  • Provide personalized advice – all enterprises have specific business needs, especially small-size businesses with lower export/import volumes. A good broker will pay attention to your particular needs and contribute to your business success.
  • Our team of expert and well-educated custom’s brokers are also capable of providing personal advice to our clients. Each company and enterprise has its own specific business needs and concerns. This is especially important for small-size businesses who have lower volumes of export/import. We believe that a good custom’s broker should pay special attention to particular needs of their clients and contribute to their business success.

With years of successful experience in providing freight shipping services and Custom’s brokerage to many different parts of the world, such as Canada, USA, UK, China and Malaysia, we are confident to introduce our expert team of custom’s broker who are willing to help your company and business with their deep knowledge to distribute your products and services all around the world safely and efficiently. Our aim is to provide you a secure platform so that you can take the most advantage of the global trading market.

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