What is Amazon FBA Shipping

what does Top Shipping provide with this service?

In the modern world, many of small to middle-sized businesses and companies are participating in the international and local training market. This could not happen without technology which has eased communication, as well as several different shipping services that freight forwarder companies and big distributing websites, such as Amazon, provides. Among many different services and new methods, FBA shipping can be considered as one of the most critical services that has eased the entire trading among different countries. Many of experts believe that FBA shipping has played a crucial role in success of companies such as Amazon.

Online shopping has become a trend these days and many people all around the world prefer to buy their clothes, food, home stuffs and even raw materials for part of their manufactures, online. In this regard, Amazon FBA shipping service can help small to mid-sized business to participate in this huge market, eliminate the fulfillment as well as scaling their business.

How does Amazon FBA Shipping work?

With fulfilment by Amazon, all the business owners can participate in a huge market and provide better services. Usually this can happen through very basic steps. Companies create a selling account on Amazon and register their business. After this step, business owners will assign their inventory. All the products through this service can be tracked. This can happen either by manufacturer barcode or the business owner new printed barcode. This is one of the most important steps because with this barcode companies and business owners can adhere their individual items and differentiate them from products of other sellers at different fulfillment centers.

Amazon FBA shipping

In the next step companies and business owners also have to think on different shipment methods that are suitable for their products. Based on the type of service that companies and business owners want to provide and shipping methods, fees can vary. Through Amazon FBA shipping services, business owners can compare fulfillment costs of products that they have delivered to estimate fees of products that they have just added to inventory list. It is good to mention that, Amazon offers “Amazon Partnered Shipping Rates” in order to lower shipping costs for business owners and companies. Through this service business owners can ship their products to Amazon warehouses and fulfillment centers to prepare them for selling through Amazon website.

Once products arrive to fulfillment centers, they will be available on Amazon website and consumers can purchase them. Amazon will take care of selling and delivery of them.

What are the benefits of Amazon FBA shipping?

Using Amazon FBA shipping service, your company will not be in charge of customer services and logistics. The latter means that you, as a business owner, can reduce your costs significantly and save a lot of time and energy. Through Amazon FBA shipping service, your costumers can use the advantage of two-day and overnight shipping. The latter is regardless of type or amount of orders. With this service, your costumers will be eligible for Super Saver shipping benefits. On the other hand, your company will not be in charge of shipping products to different parts of the world. This can reduce a huge amount of paper work, time, risks and complications significantly. Taking the advantage from Amazon FBA shipping service can make a huge difference between you and other competitors of this market who are using Merchant Fulfilled. World class customer services and Amazon’s fast shipping services encourages all consumers all around the world to use similar websites and that can be beneficial for your company and business.

In addition to benefits mentioned above, Amazon FBA shipping service has other benefits such as:

  • Companies and businesses using Amazon FBA shipping service open up their market to Amazon Prime-only shoppers which are growing day by day.
  • The Amazon FBA shipping service allows business owners and companies to spend less time on advertisement, packing and shipping. The latter means more time to focus on your business.
  • Companies and business owners who are taking the advantage of Amazon FBA shipping services and utilize Amazon’s logistics have greater possibility of wining the Buy Box, even if they are not offering the lowest price. On the other hand,
    Customers who are also using this service to purchase products, will be ensured of quality. Their orders will be handed fats, safe and with a reasonable price.

Amazon FBA shipping services at Top Shipping

As an international freight forwarder company, we at Top Shipping provide different services, including freight forwarder shipping to different countries all around the world, such as America, UK, and Canada, China, Malaysia and European countries. We provide different types of freight shipping services, through air and marine. Among our services, we provide facilities for companies and businesses to use Amazon FBA shipping services in China. Our experts are in charge of helping our clients in different steps, including factory auditing and Pre-Inspection.

1- Pre-Inspection and Factory Audit in China by Top Shipping

For many of importers, quality of products is of great importance. Searching among different manufacturers and finding trustworthy products with high quality can be a difficult and time consuming task. On the other hand, regulations in different countries, such as China and language barriers can make situation way more difficult. Experts in Top Shipping can help our clients to overcome these difficulties and have a secure communication and trading with other manufacturers in China.
Our educated workforce in Top Shipping will take care of standards and qualities that your company are looking for. The latter can happen through different meetings that we request from you to have with our staff and inform us about your aims and standards, in details. Finding manufacturers and inventories that can meet with your expectations is a time consuming task for your business that our experts in Top Shipping can take care of through our Amazon FBA shipping services.

Amazon FBA shipping

This service helps your company to purchase high quality products and reduces the risk of import sub-par products which can be problematic for your reputation in the market as well as your finance.

2- Pre-inspection in China by Top Shipping

It is highly recommended to perform pre inspection once you purchase products from other manufacturers, especially abroad. This procedure should be performed before the final payment. The procedure of Pre inspection can be expensive and time consuming, especially for manufacturers abroad. We at Top Shipping can provide pre inspection of your cargo, in the location of manufacturer before you finalize you payment.

Pre inspection will be performed through a random inspection of a part of your ordered cargo as well as part of manufacturer’s facilities. The latter can be performed by our trusted personnel at the place of factory in different countries. Top Shipping can also provide full inspection of your ordered cargo, in case of request.

We at Top Shipping can also provide instructed inspection. Some of our clients, based on the cargo type and services that they provide, may need specific parts of their cargo to be inspected and controlled. Providing instructors for our staff during inspection can be provided based on our clients’ requests. This can be performed as soon as your order is placed.

Our staff in Top Shipping will provide business owners and companies a comprehensive inspection report which covers different aspects of the inspection procedure. Your final approval is needed for finalizing this step. You can include scores such as “pass”, “reject” or “pending” in order to manage shipment of your cargo. These reports consist of photographs and detailed comments to ease the informing procedure.

3- Factory Audit in China by Top Shipping

Many of the business owners know that choosing the right and high quality product is of importance for better performance in market. The latter can be a complicated process and consume a lot of time and energy from your workforce. We at Top Shipping can provide our clients a factory audit of their chosen manufacturer in China. In principle this procedure can be done at any time, however it is typically done either after compilation of your entire order by manufacturer or before balancing of the payment. Results of this procedure will be explained in a report. This detailed report consist of different parts, such as:

  • Amazon FBA Shipping
  • Visit to the factory of your choice by our expert audit team
  • Verification of quality and safety standards;
  • Controlling products of your chosen factory, this includes entire products of the company as well as particular product you want to order.
  • Verification of relevant business license

Shipping and Customs Brokerage in Top Shipping

Amazon FBA sellers can use our logistics services at Top Shipping to ensure safe and easy transits of their cargo from China to Amazon warehouses and fulfillment centers all around the world. Our experienced team at Top Shipping will accompany you through different steps, such as arranging for pick up at origin, air or sea shipping, customs clearance and domestic transports. Every part of your manufacture supply chain can be benefited by our services and therefore, we can guarantee safe, on time and secure delivery of your inventory to Amazon’s warehouses and Fulfillment centers at different parts of the world.

Other parts of services that we at Top Shipping provide, includes:

Coordination and arrangement of:

  • Delivery of different products to port of origin (for EXW incoterms) from manufacturer
  • Receiving products from the factory if based on FOB incoterms
  • Sea or air freight shipment from port of origin to the U.S.A.
  • Customs clearance both in China and the U.S.
  • Delivery of goods to Top Shipping warehouse from port
  • Delivery to Amazon’s fulfilment centers and warehouses in different countries.
  • Notifications by Emails throughout the process and regularly tracking report of your orders.

The process of importing by Top Shipping

Process of importing goods from different countries, is a complicated procedure which involves several different steps that are handled by different third-party companies. These third party contributions come from companies such as: international freight forwarders like Top Shipping, customs brokers and trucking companies. Controlling each of these companies at each particular step can be a hard task for your company. Top Shipping provides you services and facilities through Amazon FBA Shipping that can ease the entire procedure and help your business to get your shipment from port to port.

Through direct contact with your suppliers and arranging shipments to final destinations, Top Shipping will help you through handling all necessary customs documents and regulations, while saves a lot of time, energy and money for your business.

Amazon FBA shipping

As part of our service, we will help your company through paying port fees through the import process which can in general be a problematic time issue. Monitoring and tracking your freight at each steps of shipping and updating our clients is another part of services that we at Top Shipping provide. Our expert team of freight forwarders can also take care of any complications that may occur thorough the shipping procedure. At the destination, Top Shipping can also take a good care of your freight by moving them to either general warehouses or Amazon Fulfillment centers. All the aforementioned services can be tuned based on the request of our clients.

Receiving and forwarding freight by Top Shipping

Top Shipping is an international freight forwarder company that provides several different services. Through the Amazon FBA shipping service that we provide, we take care of receiving and delivering your freights to fulfillment centers and warehouses. This procedure includes several different sub-steps such as handling, documenting, scheduling shipments, unloading and reloading shipments to Amazon’s warehouses. This can be complicated and time consuming, yet by employing our services and experienced team we can reduce this complication for your company.

In case of any complications, such as lose or damages, our team will inform your company in the shortest time possible.
Through our services in TopShipping, other parts of shipping procedure can also be take care of by expert team, such as:

  • Documentation of received products
  • Notifications and reports consist of bulks count, unit count, weights, dimensions, and shipment condition
  • Inspection of losses or damages through shipments
  • Photos of shipment once products are checked in
  • Labels for shipment created and applied to each carton (and pallet if applicable)
  • For LTL shipping to Amazon’s fulfillment centers: Soonest available pick up is arranged and scheduled
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