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A fast, cost-efficient and safe method for freighting your goods nationally and internationally

We are living in a world that is globally connected through technology and air freight is one of those. Distances are not really a big issue anymore and we have the privilege of working and communicating with different parts of the world, regardless of their distances. The global trade market is not an exception though and freight services play important roles for companies and businesses, even the small ones, all around the world.

Different forms of freight shipping, such as rail, ground, air freights and marine became widely utilized as the main options of delivery at the beginning of the twentieth century. Nowadays companies and businesses have a wide variety of options among freight services which can help them to provide their products and services both nationally and internationally.

The importance of air freight shipping

Thanks to the expansion of trade markets and networks as well as desire of enterprises to commercialize air flights, air freight shipping became an industry and developed exponentially. The growth of this industry became particularly rapid in the past 40 years. The first shipping using air freight dates back to 1910 and took place between Dayton to Columbus. This has been done by a department store in Ohio to ship a bolt of silk.

Right after the first shipment using airplanes, companies realized the potent tool which was available for them to provide fast deliveries to even the furthest destinations.

Air Freight

Many believe that the Second World War was the critical time during which air freight shipping showed its importance and potential to the world. In that time, airplanes were used not only for humans but also for carrying food, suppliers and even bombs to beaches of Normandy or even reaching Pacific in the shortest time possible. On the other hand, the technology used for building airplanes has been improved significantly during those years. The latter brought more powerful engines that could carry more weight, fly faster and farther. These developments proved to be essential for the industry of air freight shipping and caused its rapid growth after the Second World War.

Now and among many different options of freight services, air freight shipping is often considered as one of the most efficient solutions in terms of both time and cost. In many cases, especially in long-distance consignments and international freight services, when other means of transportation such as ships, trucks, and railways are unable of providing fast or cheap freight services, air freight shipping can be the only solution. Using this service, products can be shipped fast, quick and efficiently to the furthest distances possible. On the other hand, those freight forwarding companies that are dealing with urgent orders or are way behind their shipping time table can take advantage of air freight shipping, even for shorter distances.

Is air freight shipping an expensive option for shipping Cargo?

Any type of goods, products, and services can be shipped with airplanes. However, air freight service is usually considered as an expensive method for shipping goods in comparison to other available choices. Due to this fact, many companies and businesses prefer to use it for shipping those products which need to be arrived at their destinations safely and as fast as possible.

In comparison to other shipment methods, air freight shipping can be considered as one of the most efficient ones, especially in terms of time and costs. In order to choose this freight shipping method, you need to consider many different factors. Above all, your choice mostly depends on the situation and the importance of the goods which are going to be shipped.

Those companies which use air freight services for distributing their products regularly should plan their freight shipping schedule in advance. This issue will help them to save money and provide on-time deliveries. This is part of the services that shipping forward companies cover for their clients. Sometimes companies provide food or drugs for clients in other countries or hard-to-reach destinations. Considering the type of product, the freight service should be taken place fast. Clearly, other means of transportation are not practical enough for this purpose. In these situations, air freight service is the only solution and as far as services and time concerns, choosing this shipping service would be a cost-efficient one.


Air freight is an expensive way of shipping products, however, it may not be the only method a company uses for its supply chain. Therefore, the overall expenses may not be affected significantly. On the other hand, the air freight service can have other benefits for your supply chain which reduces further unexpected expenses of other freight services, such as harmful accidents in road freight shipping.

What are the advantages of air freight shipping?

The air freight shipping is a method which can have several advantages for companies and businesses all around the world. The first and the most important advantage of this express shipping option is the provided opportunity of coordinating time-sensitive consignments to almost any place all around the world. The latter is particularly important for mid-sized and smaller businesses and companies as it can affect their presence in the international trade market expeditiously and effectively.

On the other hand, what matters to most of the companies and businesses is to find the fastest yet the most cost-efficient method for shipping their goods. That is another advantage of air freight shipping service which by the help of freight forwarding companies is achievable. Based on these two criteria and regardless of the size, weight, and type of consignment, air freight shipping is usually considered as a reasonable method for shipping goods to anywhere in the world.

Among the most important advantages of air freight shipping, one has to consider its safety and reliability as well. Air freight offers a high level of security as it is mostly happening in airports and airways where controls over cargo and shipments are highly and tightly managed. On the other hand, despite occasional delays due to bad weather, by using air freight shipping your freights will face the lowest possibility of the impediment in comparison to other freight shipping methods.


Ocean shipping is considered as one of the cheapest types of freight shipping among freight services. However, many companies prefer to choose air freight shipping due to customs fees. The latter are harbor and custom fees that can result in higher expenses using ocean shipping. By choosing air freight shipping, customs fees are not a big issue for shipping tens of thousands of products. Any shipment more than this number can be expensive and companies should consider sea freight shipping, as its price, including customs fees, would be more reasonable in comparison to air freight shipping.

Different types of air freight shipping

There are three primary different air freight shipping options. Most of the freight shipping companies can provide these air freight shipping methods. Every client needs to choose the best option based on their service and products. These three different options are next flight out, consolidated, and deferred. Other options such as air charter are also available. Air charter is basically a service through which you can secure the capacity that you need for shipping your product. This service also provides the chance of choosing a particular aircraft so that it can meet your special requirements for your products during the freight procedure. Below we will introduce these three different types in more details:

1- Next flight out

In this method of air freight shipping, your products will be shipped as soon as possible, which means as soon as a flight becomes available. This method is rather expensive but very fast an efficient. This method is also a bit risky as the capacity needed for products will be confirmed at the very last moment. For using this method, you need to use the assistance of resources and experts in freight shipping companies who can locate the needed capacity and ensure that your timelines are met.

2- Consolidated shipping

In this method, your shipment will take place along with shipments of other companies and clients. In other words, many different clients can use the same flight for shipping their goods and products. This service runs on a set schedule and due to the fact that products are shipped with a large number of goods, providers can secure better rates using this service. Since smaller freight shipping companies are not working with many clients, they may not be able to provide regular freight services of consolidated air freight. The latter can lead to delays in deliveries.

3- Deferred

In this type of air freight shipping, companies postponed the freight of lower priority cases until they find available space on the aircraft. With this service, usually, shippers defer their freight to third or fourth business days to find the needed space. This type of cargo may take longer transit times and is cheaper in comparison to the two aforementioned services. However, it is good to mention that this type of shipment usually operates on a defined and regular schedule.

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By using any types of freight services, especially air freight shipping, you can have a market for your products or services in the furthest regions of the world and supply it within a couple of hours. However, hiring a good team of shipping forwards who are expert enough in this regard would guarantee you a delivery timetable, costs, and safety of your shipment.

The rules and regulations of a country, play important roles in the exporting and importing industry of that country as well as for foreign suppliers. These rules may be different from one country to another and are changing constantly through the time, which explains the necessity of employing an experienced team of shipping forwards for your air freight shipping orders. It is better to choose those freight forwarding companies who are also familiar with customs brokerage.

Customs brokerage is basically in charge of streamlining the process of shipping by knowing and following each of the regulations and rules of countries that are involved in the international freight procedures, in the time of need. The latter is important to ensure costumers about the safety and smoothness of their shipping procedure. This firm also is in charge of determining the most cost-effective, secure and applicable methods, among a vast variety of options, to provide an expedient and on-time delivery. On the other hand, all services of international freight shipping request proper documenting and anticipating clearance procedures. By taking the advantage of hiring a freight forwarding company who is familiar with customs broker you will have all aspects of your air freight management, from expedited services through shipment delivery, under control.

We are an international shipping company to provide shipping services to different parts of the world. The latter is possible due to our long-standing collaborations with different companies and clients all around the world. The latter provides the opportunity for us to help our clients to link up with the global trading market. Our shipping forwarder service covers different destinations such as the USA, UK, China, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Middle East countries. Among other shipping services that we provide, we can take care of your air freight shipping orders in the best way possible.

Our team constantly monitors regulations and operations in different countries, in order to avoid any financial penalties for you and your company. Our team is capable of providing services such as transshipment and customs clearance. As we are serving different companies which are interested in different fields of economy and businesses, we have to consider the type of shipment and goods that we are transferring to different countries as well as their destinations. Our experts are educated and experienced enough to provide the best choices available, in terms of shipping conditions, routes available, costs and time-table so that your consignments will be transported in the best condition possible. Our team also guarantees that your high-value and sensitive goods get transported safely and with good care.

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