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Shipping from China to Canada

Canada is the destination facilities for immigrants as well as the ultimate choice for many people, particularly the educated cortex. It is advisable to know what to do in order to be aware of the reasonable cost and the least difficulty of sending cargo to Canada if you intend to immigrate and send a cruise to Canada.

Sea Freight

 When time is not a factor and costs are your primary concern, try Topshippings sea freight services. Our company offers consolidated and full containers shipments.

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Air Freight

The fastest shipping services are available from Topshipping. Our air freight options include standard, economy, and expedited.

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Cargo Insurance

All carriers must carry a minimum amount of insurance. This is vital to provide you peace of mind. Topshipping gives full coverage for all consignments.

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Lower your costs

Choosing the best mode of transportation for your company will help you to save money.

Stress-free shipping

We have a professional team for providing you precise cargo and logical solutions in your budget.

Cargo Consolidation

Collecting goods from different suppliers in China and consolidating them into one single shipment, in order to save your time and costs, is our responsibility.
The case of the port of Antwerp

Sea freight from China to Canada

Shipping to Canada, as you know, is significantly more economical than air transport to Canada. Of course, your air transport costs will be lower, but you can do much to perform your own home appliances if you are transferring cargo or ship to the port of Toronto (regardless if the container is 20 feet or 40 feet) to Vancouver.
The Top Shipping Company offers the fastest and safest weekly service to all customers by providing the following services.
  1. Send and export furniture
  2. Send and export handicrafts
  3. Send and export fruit
  4. Export and export vegetables
  5. Send and export mushrooms
  6. Export and export of dried fruits
  7. Send and export saffron
  8. Send and export commercial cargo
  9. Send and export restaurant supplies
  10. Send and export restaurant supplies
  11. Sending and exporting home appliances
  12. Send and export carpets
  13. Send and export carpet panels
  14. Send and export medicinal herbs
  15. Shipping and Export of Flavors
  16. Shipping and Export of Marinades
Evidence from the Dar Es Salaam port, Tanzania
The case of the port of Antwerp

Is the container to be replaced during delivery loading in the doorway?

No, by no way, the container that has been loaded into the warehouse or factory with a unique container number that can be recorded as a container number in Canada and check again is the same container that you load up until you reach the shipping destination. Furthermore, it has been screened and not opened until its final destination is reached.