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Sea freight from China to Canada

Toronto is one of the most migratory cities in Canada, attracting annual travelers from around the world. One of the concerns of people who intend to immigrate from China to Canada is that they can bring their equipment to the city safely. Our company with its high shipping experience from China to Canada can be a great choice for these passengers.

Sea Freight

When time is not a factor and costs are your primary concern, try Topshippings sea freight services. Our company offers consolidated and full containers shipments.

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Air Freight

The fastest shipping services are available from Topshipping. Our air freight options include standard, economy, and expedited.

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Cargo Insurance

All carriers must carry a minimum amount of insurance. This is vital to provide you peace of mind. Topshipping gives full coverage for all consignments.

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Lower your costs

Choosing the best mode of transportation for your company will help you to save money.

Stress-free shipping

We have a professional team for providing you precise cargo and logical solutions in your budget.

Cargo Consolidation

Collecting goods from different suppliers in China and consolidating them into one single shipment, in order to save your time and costs, is our responsibility.
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The Port of Toronto, one of the largest domestic ports in Canada, is located on Lake Ontario's northwest coast.The Port of Toronto has served as Toronto's gateway to St. Lawrence Lake and seaports around the world in a few minutes from downtown Toronto since 1793.Toronto City is considered Canada's economic capital and one of the economic centers of the world.
The first step is to ship freight from China to Canada with regard to the choice of shipping and transportation costs.And in the next step, our experts will be investigating and loading the cargo from China to Canada in the next step.In a phone call, They’ll receive the type of load, origin and destination city in Canada, and also the time for sending you, And then according to the shipping lines operate in solving the various options you can offer.
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Evidence from the Dar Es Salaam port, Tanzania

Ship from China to Canada

Travelers are more concerned that during the route sent from China to Canada will harm their belongings.Top shipping Providing Principles of Packaging Services, about packaging and also the use of the best type of cartons for packaging and use of experts in packaging field has provided the best services for Chinese citizens who intend to immigrate long or short term to Canada.Load packaging should be in accordance with international law of cargo shipping. Also, the experience in packaging makes the load with the least vulnerability and the most confidence to the destination. Undoubtedly, Incorrect packing of the load will cause minor damage and sometimes severely to the load during the Shipping and forwarding.