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Air freight from China to Europe

Freight from China can be done in several ways, depending on the size, weight, sensitivity and many other factors related to the imported material. We must find the best way to transport these goods from China. These goods can be imported from 3 ways. They can Carriage by sea, carriage by rail and air transportation.

Sea Freight

When time is not a factor and costs are your primary concern, try Topshippings sea freight services. Our company offers consolidated and full containers shipments.

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Air Freight

The fastest shipping services are available from Topshipping. Our air freight options include standard, economy, and expedited.

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Cargo Insurance

All carriers must carry a minimum amount of insurance. This is vital to provide you peace of mind. Topshipping gives full coverage for all consignments.

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Chinese Order Freight

Shipping orders from China to Europe could be provided as a result of having to contact us, and we also guarantee that we will provide you with the lowest time to send your loads.

Chinese-Europe freight tariffs

Freight rates and time cargo from China to Europe are an important part of the categories of trade, import, and export. You can use our services if you want the lowest price and the best time to carry baggage.

Cargo Consolidation

Collecting goods from different suppliers in China and consolidating them into one single shipment, in order to save your time and costs, is our responsibility.
The changing influence of city-systems on global shipping networks
Air freight, an important service used by businesses and traders, is currently one of the most effective means of transporting goods. Air freight for merchants creates benefits such as accelerating the transportation of goods and payload the cost of transportation. Traders use air freight as one of the world's most important ways to transfer their products. Air freight from China to Europe is one of the leading providers of air freight services. The value of goods and weights should be taken into account when calculating the costs of air freight from China to Europe. The higher the price per weight of the goods, the more affordable the air freight.

Air freight from China to Europe

Air freight from China is performed through 378 airport, which connects the 94 regions and the total airline is 000.427 kilometers, all of which are all the airlines with Beijing.A customer's decision to use sea or air freight to carry its burden out of China is critical in many ways, one of those is urgent. Sea freight will take approximately 25 to 30 days, but air freight will be between 3 and 7 days.
The changing influence of city-systems on global shipping networks
Sea Freight from China to Canada

Helpful Tips on freight from China to Europe

In the air transportation industry, to calculate the shipping price, in addition to the actual weight of the load measured with a balance or weighbridge, the load volume is also considered because, due to the restricted loading space of the aircraft, loads that are heavy while at the same time less space than the loading area It is more cost effective for freight companies to take aircraft. Airlines are therefore using a formula that requires at least 167 kg per cubic meter of the load. Otherwise, companies calculate the computed weight by volume measurement.