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Today, European countries have become one of the largest markets for Chinese goods. Hence, large quantities of goods are shipped annually to Europe via sea and air transport systems. But each systems of freight forwarder from china to Europe has its advantages and disadvantages that we need to be aware of.


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Carrier differentiation at seaports

Traditional international shipping routes

From major coastal ports in China, such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, Yantai, Tianjin, Dalian, etc., head southwest, arrive in Singapore, cross the Straits of Malacca, and then go west. Cross the Indian Ocean, arriving at the pirate-infest Gulf of Aden, enter the Red Sea, cross the Suez Canal in Egypt, and reach the Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Slovenia, Italy, southern France, and the east coast of Spain.

After entering the Mediterranean, it is mainly divided into two ways

freight forwarder china to Europe: To the northeast: through the Bosphorus (also known as the Istanbul Strait) into the Black Sea, to the countries along the Black Sea, such as southwestern Russia, southern Ukraine, Sárdoba, Romania, Bulgaria and so on.

Westward: Through the Strait of Gibraltar, to Portugal, the French West Coast, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Northwestern Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, etc.

The case of the port of Antwerp
Crude Oil Price Forecast

Siberian Continental Bridge and New Eurasia Bridge Rail Transport Line

freight forwarder china to Europe: The Siberian Continental Bridge is a traditional Central European land transport route, mainly reaching Russia and many countries such as Western Europe and Northern Europe. Continental Bridge transportation mainly operates in the form of international freight trains. For example, Changchun→Manzhouli→European “Long-European” freight trains, Shenyang→Manzhouli→European “Shen Manou” class, Suzhou→Manzhouli→European “Sumanou” class. This passage passes through the Manzhouli Port of Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia, and enters Russia. It goes all the way along the Russian Siberian Railway and goes straight to Europe.

Freight forwarder from china to Europe

Freight forwarder from china is done by different methods. Although, shipping and Air freight are the most popular methods. Today, Europe counties is one of the major markets for Chinese goods, so large quantities of goods are exported annually to these countries. This has caused  that There are a number of companies working in the field of freight forwarding from China to Europe, each claiming to do at the earliest time possible using  most economical method.

However, it should be noted, that load volume is an important factor in determining the time, cost, and method of transport. Obviously, the method and cost of the retailer and overall freight transfer are different. Also, the types of the goods is another important parameter that determine method of shipping. Therefore, Experts' opinions are needed to transport any type of goods, because the wrong way to shipping from china to Europe can cause damage to the goods and economic waste.

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Freight forwarder from China to Europe cost

There are many parameters that affect the freight forwarder from China to Europe cost. The distance from the origin country to where the goods are to be shipped is one of the most important factors affecting the type of shipping method, in addition to the sending cost. Weight and volume of goods is another factor in determining the Freight forwarder from China to Europe cost. Specifically, cargo transportation cost increases as weight and volume of goods increases. The type of the goods also affects the cargo transportation cost.

If cargo contains perishable materials or fragile goods, the freight cost will be higher. But the most important factor in determining the shipping from China to Europe cost is the transportation method. Freight forwarder methods involves three methods of air freight, sea freight and rail freight. The sending cost of each of these methods will be different, depending on their specific circumstances.

Sea freight cost

Sea freight is One of the most popular and practical ways to carry goods around the world. Also, Sea freight is a safe way that many types of goods can be transported by this method. The presence of seas around China has made Sea freight one of the widespread methods of sea freight from China to Europe. One of the advantages of this method over other goods transport methods is that it can handle a large volume of goods. Also, Sea freight cost is very reasonable. Depending on the type of goods, cost of sea freight is different. Usually the shipping cost is about 2 cents per kilogram. Of course, this amount will be vary for different shipments and different quantities for each shipments. Also the Sea freight from China to Europe takes approximately 30 days, which may be various depending on the destination country.

Air freight cost

Air freight is the fastest type of freight. Perhaps the only appropriate option for carrying essential goods is the use of air transport. There are several factors that affect the price of air transport. These include the type of aircraft and the volume of goods. In general, despite the high speed delivery of goods, air freight is more expensive than other methods. The cost of air freight from China to Europe is about 5 times that of Sea freight and about six times that of road transport. Air freight cost is usually $ 1 to $ 5 per kilogram. However, it has been a very fast method, so it is the favorite cargo transportation method of many customers and traders. The duration of air forwarder from China to Europe is varies depending on the aircraft and destination country and can take around from 3 to more than 10 days.

So if you want to ship goods from China to Europe, you should consult with experts because although the air method is more expensive than other methods, it is the fastest method and is the most suitable option for goods with low durability.

Express cost

Express is one of the cargo transportation methods that takes between two and four business days to freight forwarder from China to Europe. Although the delivery rate is high in this method, but the cost of express shipping is higher than other methods. Express shipping a perfect way to transport important and precious goods, and if you have extra time span to send the goods, it may be best to choose other methods. It should be noted, however, that the weight of the goods has a significant impact on the shipping cost of the goods and for the low goods weights it may seem more appropriate to use the express shipping method.

Tips for keeping down costs

Due to the high fuel price the freight forwarder from China to Europe cost is very high. The high shipping cost of the product increases the price for the consumer. It can also affect the sales and revenue of factories and companies.

Therefore, it is important to consult with freight forwarder experts and be aware of the economic aspects of freight forwarder. Shipping from China to Europe is a complex process and requires some important skills. One of these skills is to be able to find a freight forwarder among the many companies operating in the field that are more affordable than others and offer special discounts on shipping. Also, company should send the goods on a regular basis. A Quality shipping company must be aware of the tariffs, cargo insurance, and different shipping routes. In international trade, any of these important parameters can have a significant impact on the cargo transportation cost, profitability of companies and any disruption to them will have significant consequences for businessmen.

Which one is cheaper?

Therefore, they must be sure to use the appropriate freight forwarding service. Air and sea freight are two common modes of freight forwarder. Sea freight costs are lower and are very common to use. On the other hand, air freight is more expensive but faster. Therefore, according to the importance and type of goods, the method of transport should be chosen. If the cargo contains perishable, precious items, or has a short delivery time, it is best to use air transport. It is important to note that choosing the right method of freight forwarder, in addition to reducing costs, minimizes the damage caused by freight transport, which can be very useful in commerce. There are several websites that calculate shipping based on the weight of the goods by any of the modes of transport. This information can be of great help to traders.

Compare cargo transport cost

Because based on the weight of the goods, you can compare cargo transport cost with different companies operating in the freight forwarder from China to Europe and choose the most appropriate company.

As cargo weight increases and for high quantities of goods, most freight forwarding companies offer discounts for freight transport. Thus, carrying more quantities of goods can reduce shipping costs. Since shipping costs are determined by the weight of the goods, if you send more goods, although the total freight costs increase, the shipping cost per unit of freight will be lower. This will make each product be more profitable.

Optimizing product packaging

Another important thing is optimizing product packaging. Optimizing the volume of packing of goods is not only effective in reducing freight shipping costs but also affects the warehousing costs of goods. The large volume of freight makes it possible to occupy a large space of freight, thus increasing freight costs.

Hence, companies should strive to produce their products in appropriate packaging to decrease their cost. The amount of fuel consumed and the distance to the destination country have a significant impact on determining the freight forwarder costs. So choosing the right and short route can have a significant impact on shipping costs. Before shipping, you should check all available routes and choose the most appropriate route according to the conditions. Observing each of these points can reduce shipping costs and make trading easier, and ultimately make your business more enjoyable.

Freight forwarder from China to Europe time

Shipping time depends on several factors. Naturally, the shorter freight forwarder time causes the lower depreciation costs, also the likelihood of damage to the goods is less. So the merchants try to send their cargoes to their destination as quickly as possible.

One of the determinants of shipping time is the distance to the destination country. Also if the goods are shipped from the southern cities of China several days sooner than when the goods are shipped from northern China they will arrived Europe countries. For instance, the sea freight forwarder time from Guangzhou to the United Kingdom is between 23 and 25 days. For a city like Shanghai, which is located in central China, this time is about 28 to 30 days. It also takes about 30 to 35 days for the shipping of goods from a city in northern China such as Qingdao to England.

Therefore, Given China's vastness, the city from which the goods are shipped to Europe has an impact at the Shipping of goods from China to Europe time. Another important factor in determining the time of cargo transportation is the method of cargo sending. In general, the air freight time is much shorter than the sea freight and this is a significant advantage for this method. But the cost of air transport is much higher than sea freight. There are also restrictions on air freight. For example, a very large volume of goods cannot be shipped by this way, and sea freight must be used in this case.

How long sea freight?

Sea freight from China to Europe is an inexpensive and low-risk way of shipping goods that is very popular way for merchants to sending goods. But one of the major challenges in sea freight is the timing of shipping and it is always the big question for merchants that how long sea freight from China to Europe? The answer to this question depends on several factors. One of the factors is the distance from the city from which the goods are shipped to the destination country. Obviously, The As distance increases, sea freight time increases. In general, due to the geographical location of China and the continent of Europe, sea freight is faster in southern China. But generally sea freight from China to Europe takes approximately 23 to 35 days.

How long air freight?

As is obvious, air freight is the fastest way to transport goods, and you can shippingas quickly as possible by this method. But the cost of air freight is much higher than other type of cargo transportation.

The time of air freight from China to Europe depends on the quality of the aircraft. Generally there are three types of air freight. The first type, called Express, takes two to three days for air freight from China to Europe. Sending cargo by other two types of air cargo transportation include Economical and regular, usually take 2 to 5 days.

Which is the Fastest?

It has always been important for merchants to reduce goods sending time as much as possible. In the preceding sections, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each cargo transportation systems. Express air freight is the fastest way to freight forwarder from China to Europe that takes approximately two to three days.


Due to the large number of factories in China, large quantities of goods are shipped annually to Europe via various cargo transportation systems. Each systems of freight forwarder from China to Europe has advantages and disadvantages that can be used depending on the specific circumstances. Overall, air transport is faster than sea freight, but its costs far more than sea freight. Therefore, depending on the importance of the goods and other conditions, the best system to transport goods from china to Europe can be selected.

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