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Freight from China can be done in several ways, depending on the size, weight, sensitivity and many other factors related to the imported material. We must find the best way to transport these goods from China. These goods can be imported from 3 ways. They can Carriage by sea, carriage by rail and air transportation. Many factors control the quality and value of a transit procedure to be good. Speed, precision, freight rates, costs, transportation regulations, treaties, environment, transit corridors, technology, clearance, export and import of goods, carriers, and forwarders are all important issues in the supply of goods. Read this article about air freight from China to Europe.


Air transport from China

Air cargo is transported from China via 378 airports, which connects 94 areas, and the total airline is 427,000 km, all of which are connected with Beijing. There are many factors that are critical to the customer’s decision to use sea or air to carry their cargo from China, one of which is urgency. Marine operations take about 25-30 days if airlift between 3 and Seven days.

air freight from china to Europe

The cheapest air freight from China to Europe

In the air transport industry, to calculate the delivery price, in addition to the actual weight of the load, which is measured with a balance or a weighbridge, the load volume is also considered.  Because, due to the limitation of the cargo space of the aircraft, loads that are heavy and at the same time less space than the cargo box It is more cost effective for fright companies to take up an aircraft. Consequently, airlines use a formula in which each cubic meter of load should be at least 167 kg; otherwise companies will calculate the weighted mass by volume measurement and calculate the cost. Considering the definition of the weight or payable weight for carriage of air from China, it should be avoided to send goods whose volumetric weight is less than 167 kg / m3.