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Being an agent of Air Canada and Air China Cargo, we provide very competitive air freight shipping rates, especially from China to Canada. With the world’s major commercial airlines, charters at our disposal cargo carriers, air cargo service is available to link China with every route in Canada. We are trying to succeed in meeting the cargo transportation needs to Canada. Aviation’s fast shipping features make it a valuable option for carrying ammunition over time, to virtually anywhere in the world. Transport by shipping also offers a high level of security, such as airport control, for highly transported, highly manageable traffic. Transportation or airlift is required at a speed much faster than 800 km / h or 497 mph. According to global aviation forecast of 2010/2022, air transportation will grow by 5.9% per annum for the next two decades. read this article about air freight from China to Canada.

air freight from china to Canada

Cheapest air freight from China to Canada

The port of Montreal is located in the province of Quebec and is the closest destination for a direct route from Europe and the Mediterranean to North America. The port of Montreal serves as an international port serving Toronto and other central parts of Canada, Central America, and Northwest North America.


Air freight from China to Canada

Minimum weight: This weight for load ferrite is usually between 1kg and 10-11kg, depending on the destination (the country or city you intend to use).

Normal weight (Normal): This weight is from 10 to 11 kilograms or usually from 8 to 7 kilograms to about 30 kilograms, and is used to calculate the ferrite cost as in option one.

Weight 45 kg: This weight for load ferrite, when the weight of the load is usually above 34-35 kg, is automatically susceptible to 45 kg. Also, keep in mind that the cost of 45 kilograms is less than the cost of 35 kilograms, so for a ferrite load, in this case, it is 45 kilograms more economical.

Weight 100 kg: For a ferrite with a weight of 100 kg to 300 kg, there is a fixed charge. (Some ferrite companies, for example, have a specific rate for ferrite loads of 250 kg)

Weight 300 kg. In the case of 300 kilograms of ferrite barrel, it can be said that its cost is less than 100 kilograms of ferrite. For example: if the torch is 300 kg on the Toronto route, the cost of sending each kilogram is from the cost of sending a load weighing 100 kilograms The warmth will be less.

The weight of 500 kg: If we take into account the above procedure, we will see that with increasing weight, the charge per kilogram load decreases, and 500 kilograms of ferrite are no exception.