why sourcing goods from China?

Why sourcing goods from China?

China is the leading producer of consumer products in the world. Through cheap labor and mass production of the goods, the cost of the production process is much lower than domestic one. That’s why importing from China are so popular among businesses around the world these days. When it comes to product sourcing from China, there are some things that can complicate the process for you. China is a big country and there are many manufacturers with different services and prices. Language barriers can also be problematic.

What strategies are needed to have a strategic product sourcing process?

Is research step in the product sourcing important?

What is the purpose of negotiation in strategic sourcing?

What product sourcing services does Topshipping offer?

Strategic product sourcing

You need to have a strategic sourcing process. So that you can make the most profit in the shortest time. When you want import from China, what you will encounter a lot is the abundance of suppliers and their fierce competition. As a result, you must choose your supplier with a plan and wisely.

If you are new and do not know what products are suitable for earning money in your country, first know your market and customers. You can inquire from ordinary people and local importers, from reputable product sourcing sites to research about the top 1000 products. Finally, choose the product that you know is popular in the market of the destination country. Or with the right marketing, it is possible to grow and prosper. Also allow you to capture the market and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Now it’s time to find a reliable and reputable Chinese supplier sourcing. This step is the most important part.


You can ask successful importers and your friends to find it. You can also visit Alibaba. You will meet thousands of Chinese suppliers with different criteria there. Choose from several options. Suitable options for you are suppliers who provide services tailored to your needs. Remember that in China you should not respond positively to the first option and offer.

You should first check the records and information of the supplier sourcing companies. Monitor their customers and feedback. They must have the necessary certification and skills. Find out about their assets and capital. Because in case of any dispute in the contract and problems in the production of goods, you can complain and get your right. Limit your options by researching over time.

Negotiation and made a contract

Take a good look and compare. Now it’s time to connect with your options, either by email or phone. But the best way is to travel to China yourself and take a closer look at each other’s services. In product sourcing, negotiation for the right price and the highest quality is very important.

Make a clear contract. When negotiating, make sure that the supplier allows you to inspect the goods during production. Because you can also be informed about the quality and work process. And this is a feature for a reliable supplier.

Order sample

If you do not have the opportunity to go to China and check closely, be sure to ask them to send you a sample of the goods. In this case, you can easily check the quality and size of the product and make sure you have invested in the right place. You can go back and forth in the sampling process until you are satisfied with the result. Also try not to order a small number of products for sample. For example sourcing goods from China if you want an sample, they feel that you are not a good source of income and do not have enough capital. It also lets the supplier know how serious you are about your job. The more credit you have with the supplier sourcing, the better quality services and discounts you will receive. Because no one wants to lose a successful and committed customer.

Top shipping creates the best opportunities for you

You might think that saving money if you do not use an intermediary to select a supplier sourcing. But this idea is not true at all for product sourcing from China. With the help of a company, you can actually avoid additional costs and possible damages. Because as mentioned above, you have many choices in China. As a result, there is a possibility of fraud and not giving you money in case of any problems.

To work with the safest and most profitable, you need to know the Chinese market and be aware of updated rates. Most importantly, know Chinese so that you can easily communicate with them. You can see that this strategic sourcing process is very time consuming and costly. If you do it alone, you have made a big mistake.

But the good news is that Topshipping does all the hard work for you, such as:

  • Identifying and verifying a supplier.
  • Negotiate and find the right price.
  • Inspection of goods before production, during production and after production.

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