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Shipping from China

China, with a population of 1,379 billion people (by 2016), is the world’s most populous country and the fourth largest country on Earth. After the economic reforms began in 1978, the country succeeded in transforming a poorly developed country into less than 50 years into a super-economic powerhouse, taking over the world’s manufacturing industry, and boosting freight from China. China’s products are sold in most countries of the world, these products are highly diverse in terms of manufacturing quality and the country’s top products are exported to countries such as North America, Europe, and the Gulf states. Read this article about shipping from China.


Air freight from China

Shipping from China: If your product does not have a lot of weight or volume, or if you have a shortage of cargo in time, the best way to use your air carrier is from China. The cost of this service is much higher compared to the Chinese shipping service, but it is not comparable with respect to shipping safety as well as the speed of shipping with the shipping method of China, and it can be said that the duration of air transportation from China is far less than that of the sea. In total, it can be said that the airline service from China is highly suited for high-value merchandise with a weight of fewer than 1000 kilograms.

Shipping from China

Sea freight from China

Shipping from China: China’s waterways are due to the 50,000 rivers that make up these roads. As the blue waters of China do not get frosty throughout the year, these waterways can be used throughout the year. The coastline of China’s maritime shipping routes is 18,000 kilometers long, with waterways shipping from Kenan to more than 20 large metropolitan areas in 10 states and autonomous regions. By the end of 1990, the number of deepwater harbors in China had reached 251. This convenient subway for shipping in China has led to 90% of China’s foreign trade through maritime transport. The rise of free trade zones and increased trade in China has led to increasing pressure on China’s ports.


Useful advice on cargo handling from China

Shipping from China: In the air transportation industry, to calculate the delivery price, in addition to the actual weight of the load measured with a balance or weighbridge, the load volume is also considered because, due to the limited loading space of the aircraft, loads that are heavy and at the same time less space than the loading area It is more cost effective for freight companies to take aircraft. Consequently, airlines use a formula in which each cubic meter of the load should be at least 167kg. Otherwise, companies will calculate the weighted mass by volume measurement and calculate the cost.

Shipping from China

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