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It is an old story that a new customer comes to your website. He finds a product that he wants at a price him like and adds it to his cart. But when he gets to the checkout page and then it happens. All of a sudden he starts second-guessing his decision. And then he decides to press on despite the increased costs. Also, he abandons his cart and leaves your website. Much website manager loves to offer free shipping. But the economics of it just isn’t working for their business right now. Do you have any suggestions about how we can bump up our average order value to absorb the cost of shipping? Read this article about How can I save money on shipping?


Offer Free Shipping

Very large or particularly heavy items like full tower PC cases or furniture can cause some problems for your ‘Free Shipping’ promotion. A company offers free shipping on all their shorts and which they proudly display on their website so customers shopping know that the price they see is the price they pay. Offering free shipping, typically just for domestic orders is a sure-fire way to get your customer’s attention. You can try offering free shipping with a minimum order amount or a minimum number of items. Conspicuously advertising that you offer free shipping can be an effective way to drive up conversion rates.


How can I save money on shipping? Showcase related products

That’s a great time to play matchmaker and showcase a few other products that you think they’d like. You should focus on recommending products that have a high enough margin, or a low enough shipping cost. If someone’s already ordered a sweater, consider recommending them a t-shirt to wear under it, or a bracelet that would match it nicely. Both of those items can likely fit within the same packaging as the sweater.

How can I save money on shipping?

Charge What You Get Charged

How can I save money on shipping? Using a real-time calculator like this can win you a lot of trust with your customers. This strategy’s an easy way to make sure that you’re not draining shipping costs out your ears, and that your customers are getting the best deal possible. In particular shopping carts, it’s possible to set up real-time shipping quotes. There are small discrepancies that can happen. But in many cases, you can end up breaking even between the shipping charges you collect and what you ultimately have to pay to ship the package.


How can I save money on shipping? Offer bundles

Bundles are marketed with discounts to entice the customer to buy all of the items. You can add a few products that make sense together, figure out what your total margins are after your account for shipping. Instead of relying on your customers to pick and choose a cart of related items, you can set one up that’s ready to go for them.

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