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Regrettably, it can sometimes hit the shipping process with shipping delays. We’ve mapped out what shipping delays can occur, why they happen, and if there’s anything you can do to minimize opportunities if they raise their hideous heads!

While we still love sea freight savings, the time which the process takes isn’t that attractive. Sea shipping from other areas of the world may take up to two months – so you certainly don’t like to add any extra time to that.

We will dedicate the first portion of this article to the prevalent shipping delays that become likely to cause shipping delays in your shipment if any. A lot of poor weather is feasible and a few days might delay stuff… But perhaps a swash-buckling pirate jumping on a freighter and holding your products hostage is not so trying not to lose this much sleep!


Delay in customs

So here is the poor news: the most prevalent customs shipping delays – and perhaps the most costly ones. Here’s the nice news: it’s also the easiest to avoid!

With some planning, all too many shipping delays in customs can prevent. Make sure you’re getting anything you certainly need to hand. It could also be worthwhile to prepare a pack of papers on request that you may need. We wrote a blog post describing which records you need to import into the distinct country and why so here is a summary:

You certainly have to:

  • EORI number
  • Commercial Invoice (showing the goods, their value and who’s bought and sold them)
  • Tariff Code

Due to the reduced danger they carry, some products are subject to further scrutiny by customs than many others. These products stop for testing to guarantee they fulfill the security requirements of the distinct country; if this occurs, you may delay your products for a while–and you will also have to pay all the test fees. When, for almost any reason (e.g., security, conformity, copyright, etc.) your products may be of concern to Customs / Trading Standards / Port Health, you might also want the appropriate documents from the list below to  prepare:

  • Letters of Authority
  • Organic/Phytosanitary Certification
  • CE Certification
  • Test Reports
  • Safety Certificates

Delay in Chinese customs

Your supplier needs to be honest and diligent.

In China, companies may claim a public tax rebate (between 0–17%) based on the consumer’s HS code if exporting. Many vendors may consider the item to be manipulated under the incorrect code; if they do so and are captured, Chinese Customs will stop the delivery and penalize the provider.

Even though your supplier doesn’t attempt to do everything naughty, your supplier might also cause shipping delays if they don’t have an export license or make an error on the statement.

The solution to customs shipping delays

You can’t do much about a storm at sea, and it’s often possible to prevent customs shipping delays. Make sure you have everything you need to declare your products properly with your provider.

Probably the main aspect of carrying your products is getting them into the mode of transportation – and how one of the most irritating shipping delays is when your products are delayed owing to being unable to board the ship, be loaded onto a vehicle or take a flight.

Equipment failure/inadequacy

Shipping delays in full vessels

This may be very frustrating when shipping companies remove the ability to increase prices throughout busy periods or events. That’s not such a problem with lower than vessel loads as they usually occur on rolling agreements, but be careful when you ship complete containers. These may be “subject to the room” if you receive very small prices and it’s really simple to leave your container behind the quay for a week or more.

Solution: When you are in a hurry, make sure that your rate is not subject to room and understand the scheduled timetable before proceeding.

Shipping delays in transport in the destination country

If a truck breaks down on its manner to your shipping place. It can cause shipping delays of everything from several hours to a few days (depending on how many people the hauler can recover it) furthermore. There isn’t anything that you can do about it.

Furthermore, you are in the driving seat whenever it comes to maintaining that somehow the car booked may access your premises. And that you can unload the products from it. Make sure we understand in plenty of time if you have a lower car if the shipping place is limited to access. When you do not have a forklift and you don’t unload it by side then let us know. And we’ll make sure you’ve got a truck with a tail-lift to drop the products down to the ground. Not realizing this in progress may result in turning away cars and missing deliveries.

Solution: Make sure you know the specifications of your shipment.

Shipping delays in congestion of the port

As with every sector, there are times if the supply for sea freight will rise quickly (belief, for instance, the run-up to Christmas). Because sometimes there are now so many individuals attempting to get products out whether the port will become overcrowded. And, just like in a traffic jam when there is not enough room for everyone to get through, there are not enough berthing slots for the ships.

Solution: Evite maximum times


Delay in high port winds

This is a protective measure; it is not permitted to run certain kinds of equipment that must operate in a port during heavy winds. So it may not be possible to function if the weather takes a turn for the worse ports.

Delay for the weather, the arrival/departure of port vessel

This could have a kick-on effect on various vessels in the same slot should be berthing. And may even cause cargo ships to modify their paths.

Solution: There’s no one even though you can regulate the weather! (Maybe just in particular instance you don’t cut stuff too tight)

There may also be shipping delays inside the port and leading up to getting your products there.

Delays/supplier port cut-off date production

Delay: Your products do not arrive at both the port before even the deadline

Your delivery may experience the first set of shipping delays before your products even reach the ship. The cut-off time is the last time a cargo can deliver to a port for loading to a specific vessel. If for any reason, your products are not supplied in time, they will not be able to board the ship. Which will mean a delay while an alternative is arranged by your freight forward?

Needless to say, the reality has often been known to Chinese providers. Sometimes they may say that your products are prepared to be shipped before they are. This might delay your shipment as it does not effectively enable your products to be shipped. Well, they aren’t ready yet.

We’ve written several-a-post attempting to clarify how essential it is to find the exact provider–but taking into account the language. And culture obstacles that are already in place, getting a provider that’s just a bit dodgy on top of all that’s just a catastrophe recipe. Making sure you have completed all the studies you need and are fully confident of your provider.

Solution: Ensure you have a trusted provider and you interact obviously with them

Delays in the shipping line

Delay: Lines of shipping change their routes

That’s angry for everyone! It doesn’t occur very often, and sometimes shipping lines also decide to alter their paths! These can indicate loading your container off and waiting for the next ship with room going to the port they took it too! This may trigger shipping delays of one or two weeks, but it is quite uncommon, fortunately.

Delay: complete or under-equipped vessels

Probably the most significant aspect of carrying your products is getting them into the mode of transportation. That’s why one of the most irritating and inevitable shipping delays is when your products are postponed owing to being unable to board the vessel even though the vessel is complete or lacks sufficient facilities.

Full and under-equipped vessels are out of everybody’s hands – the most you can do is make sure your products are ready to arrive because you will need them but that if this delay happens you are not too far behind.

Solution: It’s something beyond the control of anyone – but certainly your shipping business will keep you awake-to-date and you can think ahead.

This next delay is the only one without a bit of planning that can readily avoid.

Holidays national

Delay: Chinese vacations which cause shipping delays

We’ve also touched on the impacts of congestion in the harbor. However, this will become a huge problem around Chinese holidays – many of which will bring 3 weeks of job on hold!

Solution: put in your diary Chinese holidays and schedule all over them.

To sum up, although there are many feasible explanations for shipping delays in the shipping method, by being ready and trying to make sure you have all your ducks in a line, you can readily prevent most of them. Even easier–have a freight forwarder to taking care of that for you! If you need assistance with having to import via sea freight, please contact us and we would be happy to assist.

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