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Here are a lot of reasons you might want to ship globally–you might want to send gifts to individuals in other nations, import start-up stocks for your company, sell your products globally or other reasons! Whatever the reason you want to import or export, above are your Shipping Methods choices!

International Shipping

There are several choices accessible to you if you want to ship a consignment globally. Everyone uses planes, trains, ships, and cars to transport products between nations, but distinct postage techniques suit distinct circumstances.

This article will assist you to know what global Shipping Methods are all about. We’ll guide you by selecting the right transportation for you – and share some tips on how to save cash!

How would ship all over the world? (Shipping Methods)

There are still many Shipping Methods to ship goods around the world. Shipping by road or rail is often the best way to transport to neighboring countries, but rather what if you need to import or export from far away?

Courier services

These are, in all probability, the service providers with which you will be most familiar. Corporations such as FedEx and UPS are couriers delivering from door to door.
You are highly probable that using a courier service if you are shipping a small quantity. (Examples of circumstances where courier services might be preferable are personal items and donations.)


Traditional air freight is a method of rapidly transporting products around the world by loading them onto an aircraft and flying them to another nation.

Sea freight

Sea freight is sometimes the cheapest international Shipping Method, but that it takes as long as possible. We are specialized in sea freight – although we can also help with air freight!

What method do I need to use?

If selecting the best Shipping Methods for your products, there are several things to consider. We’d say most of these are:

  • Price
  • Size of goods
  • How fast you need your goods
  • Service


Many individuals are simply searching for the cheapest manner to send packages abroad. If you could be flexible with stuff like Shipping Methods times, you can save a lot of cash because for a relatively large shipment, air freight/couriers can cost 4 times more than sea freight.

Size of goods

The size is largely how and why that decides the price for all kinds of overseas Shipping Methods. Parcels of the same size will render air freight and courier services much more expensive, while packages of a certain size (around 100 kg and 0.5 cubic meters) will create it useless to pay for maritime freight.

How quickly you want your products – the shipping times are a big distinction between these global Shipping Methods facilities. Sea freight from China may take 6-7 weeks, while courier services may take up to 3 days!

How simple you want to get the process to be–between such various Shipping Methods, there are differences in services. Courier services are simple to use it and deliver to your front door straight away. Sea freight and air freight may be easy, even though you will have to be entirely convinced that the company controlling your shipment (such as Shippo) knows just about everything there is to clear your shipment through customs and deliver it quickly and effectively.

Sea Freight versus Air Freight versus  Courier Services

Here are some our easy guide to everything that is (likely) your best choice depending on your needs:

Generally, anything less than 100 kg (for instance, private goods) is worth to use a courier service for as a general guideline. Whether you are importing or exporting a bigger quantity of low and high-quality products including tablets or luxury watches, using an air freight service is generally more worthwhile. Sea freight provides great savings, however for bigger shipments, sea freight is usually more valuable. Even though the price of sea freight would have stayed the same until 25 cartons in this instance, sea freight is usually more cost-effective for bigger shipments.

International companies of Shipping Methods and courier services

Because while we stated global courier providers, we didn’t discuss their Shipping Methods or shipping costs in depth.

Check out the following if you are looking for inexpensive global mail businesses:

  • FedEx
  • UPS

What’s a Courier Service Overseas?

Even though we have given you a summary of what a courier is, let us go a little deeper. A courier is mainly the ideal way to emulate the ordinary Shipping Methods knowledge when going international–a global delivery service is to use a courier. The courier is responsible for the method from door to door. Like getting ordinary mail, couriers enable the delivery of your products directly to your door or to the door of the individual to whom you send the parcel.

This technique is simpler than many other global Shipping Methods. The courier will collect and send your cargo and will contact the individual concerned to pay any obligations or taxes due.

Mert and Demert Of Couriers

We have mentioned the pros and cons of using one to assist you to decide why everyone’s so an international courier parcel service.


  • Easy to use.
  • Somewhat quick. Couriers are the world’s fastest way of transporting parcels.
  • One-time costs and few charges for surprises. The problem with moving goods through freight is that, in addition to your original quote, you can end up with an invoice full of unexpected changes that may be more than the cost of the freight itself (which is why you use us because we don’t think in hidden charges)! Courier services don’t usually have concealed expenses–but what they’re saying that you are going to charge that’s what you are going to pay.


Couriers are also much more costly compared to freight. This is not a problem when you are Shipping Methods a box or two of personal possessions, and if you are shipping a massive number of goods then couriers are just the easiest option for shipments of less than 100 kg.

If you’re carrying a box or two of your private products, moving global packages with a courier service is almost always better.

However, if you buy in bulk and the service provided with freight is tailored to business-to-business as compared to business-to-customer, the savings taken with freight Shipping Methods do not apply.

Air Freight

We talked a lot about it – now it is just time to ponder it!

What is air freight internationally?

Airfreight t is a quick way of moving bulk goods. You load your products onto an aircraft and fly to you or your client. This is, of course, a much quicker method than Shipping Methods by sea freight; though, an aircraft has much less room and weight is a factor. As a result, air freight costs are calculated differently (moving one kilogram by air is much more than by sea)–and that is why sea freight is sometimes a cheaper alternative.

How often are charges for air freight calculated?

Air cargo estimates are based on either a shipment’s real gross weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.

This is because, in comparison to the real weight of the product, the size of some products will take up a bigger quantity of room on an aircraft. A 10 kg box of pillows, for instance, is much larger and thus makes more noise than a 10 kg box of nails.

In air freight, weight is six times more prevalent than in the ocean. Simply divide the box size (in meters), then split the box by 6. If this is greater than the current weight, this is the weight that can be charged.

(Instance: when you have 8 boxes, each 0.5 m x 0.5 m x 0.5 m x 0.5 m, the volumetric weight will be 166 kg (8 x 0.50.5)/6. If the boxes are 100 kg, the chargeable weight is 166 kg, and if they are 200 kg, the chargeable weight is 200 kg).

Would I use freight from air or sea?

That’s one of our FAQs! If you want a comprehensive response to the selection of sea or air freight, please do not hesitate to read our article – however, we will offer you a little summary below.

The three primary factors to consider when choosing around the air and sea freight are:

  • Price
  • Size
  • Delivery Time

Sea freight is usually 4-6 times less expensive than air freight. If you’re worried about maintaining down your expenses, you’ll be attracted by ocean freight. Once determining the cost of a shipment of sea freight, 1 cm is equivalent to 1000 kg, 6 cm is equivalent to 1000 kg for air freight. If you raise your cargo’s weight in sea freight, the probability that the cost will rise is small. If you transport heavier cargo via air freight, the price distinction between both the two alternatives will increase to a much greater 4-6 fold than normal.

Time is always a variable if importing products from China to the UK. Airfreight is the best choice for you if you have pressing inventory demands and you need your products instantly. On the other side, if you order inventory ahead of time and therefore can wait up to 6 weeks, then you should choose to carry sea freight. This is shown in our Infographic, from anywhere in China to anywhere in the UK, air freight can be as fast as 4 days, whereas sea freight can be a much longer process.

Your other factor might be ethical; if your company is worried regarding their carbon footprint, maritime freight is the way forward. As far as CO2 emissions are concerned, marine freight emits 15 g of CO2 per ton of cargo moved one km, while air freight emits a massive 545 g per ton moved one km!

Sea Freight

Wouldn’t at least, we are making it our favorite freight Shipping Methods services – ocean freight!

When you can satisfy the minimum requirements and are going to look for inexpensive global Shipping Methods, maritime freight is precisely what you want. (Even better – maritime freight is more than anything else! Contact us and let us assist you!)

What else is freight for the sea?

Sea freight is the transportation of bulk goods by the ocean. Your products are packed on cargo vessels and sailed to their destinations all over the globe. You will want a freight forwarder for this, as we are the ones who will ensure that your products are secure, maintain you up-to-date on where they are located, liaise with your providers, sort our deliveries.

The conclusion is: there are quite a lot of measures we take care of for you in the process.

Then you might guess, sailing all over the world isn’t a fast thing – in reality, ocean freight is the slowest process, usually taking over a month. The big savings, moreover, can make the wait very worthwhile.

How’s the calculation of international Shipping Methods rates?

The cost of sea freight is calculated by quantity or weight (whichever is the largest). It’s usually the volume, and we have to understand your shipment sizes for you to get a price. The sector utilizes the technical word ‘ weight or measure’ –often reduced to’ w / m.’. This ensures that 1000 kg is equal to 1.0 cubic meter (cm). It’s rare that perhaps the weight has become so heavy it shows the cost. However, if your shipment was 2.0cbm and 2500 kg then the weight is much more than the quantity. If that were 2.5cbm and 2000 kg, the quantity would be higher.So that the freight rate would rely on it.

Import & Export

We continue to talk about importing and exporting, wouldn’t we?

The two distinct kinds of global Shipping Methods are import and export; importing brings products into the nation when exporting sends products out of the nation. An import company is a very effective business model that benefits many of our clients; they import and sell products from locations like China. This is extremely lucrative if you can supply high-quality products at decent rates.

Some distinct rules and regulations can influence the price of your global Shipping Method prices when importing and exporting products.

Your extra fees (such as duty and VAT) are often not added to your quotes for shipping expenses. These can significantly boost Shipping Methods costs; if possible, ask for an inclusive quote from your service provider, or estimate your additional fees.


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