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Freighter ship – The king of the sea

Today, most international trade is done by sea freight. Because this shipping method offers a wide range of services. Not only can you have a safe shipping but you can also save a lot of money. It is very economical for a regular transport with a large volume. If you are planning to use ocean freight, you must be careful when choosing a freighter ship.

What is freighter ship?

You can count on the sea with any type and volume of goods. Freighter ship is designed to carry different types of cargo. They are usually equipped with cranes and other mechanisms for unloading and loading. They also have a useful life of 25 – 30 years.

Sea freight cargoes are usually diverse and the method of loading each of them is different. As a result, the design of a ship’s deck and its equipment depends on what it carries.

Types of freighter ship

General cargo vessel. It is an old type of freighter ship. It is suitable for packaged items such as furniture, vehicles, garments and steel. Also loading of general vessel is very slow. As a result, the port time is longer. Gradually, however, the use of container ships declined.

Container freighter ship. It is the most popular type. Any cargo that fits in standard 20 ft and 40 ft containers can be transported with these types of ships. It has high speed and different sizes. They work in the liner business. Where ships operate according to regular rules and anyone can book them. Thus they has a capacity of 19,244 TEU.

Tanker freighter ship. This ship is for liquefied goods and gases.

Bulk vessel. They are suitable for cargoes that are not packaged and are loose such sugar and dung. Bulk vessels are slow and have a capacity of 200,00 DWT. Be aware that not all ports offer bulk cargoes services. Because unloading and loading them requires special equipment.

Dry bulk vessel. The ship specializes in carrying bulk liquid cargo such as coal, grain and ore. Dry bulk ships are the mainstay of the maritime industry.

Multi-Purpose freighter ship. Ability to carry different cargo at the same time like liquid and general cargoes. If you have a variety of goods, it is the best choice for you.

reefer ship. If your goods are perishable or require a certain temperature, the reefer ship is at your service. This type is suitable for carrying meat, fish and fruits.

Based on size

Ships come in a variety of sizes for crossing waterways. This classification determines their ability to cross canals and under bridges. Here are some of the most important sizes:

VLCC. It is super tanker. It also has capacity between 150,000 and 320,000 DWT.

Capesize. This type is lager than Panama and Suez canal. There for it has to go through the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn.

Aframax. It is a oil tanker and smaller than 120,000 DWT.

Suezmax. It has 160,000 DTW. It is also exactly the width of the Suez Canal and is the largest ship it can cross.

Panamax. Its dimensions are exactly the size of the Panama Canal, which is why it is called Panamax. It also has capacity between 65000 to 80,000.

Seawaymax. The larger ship that can pass through the St, Lawrence Seaway.

Choosing the right vessel

Knowing the different freighter ships is very important for your competition in the global market. Because the methods and equipment of loading and unloading goods are different. As a result, if you make a mistake in your choice, you will incur irreparable damage. And the only way is to know all the details.

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