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Air Freight

what is air transportation? Air transportation has become the primary means of common-carrier traveling. This kind of transportation provides communication or medical link, which is sometimes vital, between the different groups of people being served. Air transport is a very important enabler for achieving economic growth and development. The World Bank has financed aviation-related projects for over sixty years. Air transportation is a major contributor to the business activity of countries, which is often regarded as one of the indicators of the economic growth of the people. Air transport development not only depends on the natural, economic and social factors. But political, legal, and financial and executive regulations and regulations have a decisive role. Now the pace of airline technology changes and advancement with the development of aviation industry technology is inevitable in infrastructure planning.


what is air transportation? Export and import:

The procedures for clearance of imported goods as well as the export of goods from the country in accordance with the Customs Law and its implementing regulations are subject to the regulation of the customs declaration and submission to the customs. The submitter requires to affiliate with the application for the necessary documents. All goods that are shipped to the country of origin with the customs clearance abroad or vice versa are subject to export and import duties. Now let’s know more about exporting and importing merchandise in the international arena.

what is air transportation?

What is different between cargo and freight forwarding in air transportation?

what is air transportation?

Those who intend to immigrate or travel to other countries for a long time can send their supplies to the destination country using ferrite companies and air cargo. In the sense of those kinds of loads that are not commercial in nature. In contrast, Cargo referred to in the air transportation industry as the relocation of merchandise between different countries. This transmits by dedicated aircraft. The loads given by merchants to airline companies to reach the destination country are different from the ferrite load.



what is air transportation? Agents function

  • Providing advice on export shipments and how they carry air to customers
  • Establishing the facility to receive the cargo, and deliver it to the airline
  • Settlement of shipping documents from the carrier’s line, completion of the letter of intent, the determination of the fare and shipping costs, and documentary control, such as the invoice and trade register of the seller
  • Ensure that the appropriate packaging approve for the carriage of special and dangerous cargoes by the sender, in accordance with the IATA regulations, and surrender
  • Arrangements for transporting and reserving the place for the shipment, arranging. And communicating the time schedule for shipment to the airline
  • Provide insurance coverage, according to customer’s request, subject to payment by him
  • The combination of a load is one of the most important things that a load watch can do in air travel.

what is air transportation?

Documents you need for air transportation

what is air transportation?

  • Principal and Copy Business Card
  • If necessary, the license for the export of goods (for conditional goods)
  • Health Certificate (Food and Agriculture)
  • Standard Certificate
  • Export sales invoice (INVOICE)
  • Principle and copy of the power of attorney from the issuer (if required)
  • A formal letter from the owner of the goods
  • Other documents (according to customs identification, for example, laboratory analysis)

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