Best freight forwarders in China

Cargo handling of China can be performed in a number of ways, with the best way to transport these goods from China is to be found in terms of their size, weight, sensitivity and many other factors relating to gender.


Sea Freight

When time is not a factor and costs are your primary concern, try Topshippings sea freight services. Our company offers consolidated and full containers shipments.

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Air Freight

The fastest shipping services are available from Topshipping. Our air freight options include standard, economy, and expedited.

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Cargo Insurance

All carriers must carry a minimum amount of insurance. This is vital to provide you peace of mind. Topshipping gives full coverage for all consignments.

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Airplanes are the best and quickest way to travel to China internationally and internally. A trip by plane not only saves you time on holiday but also saves energy. There are currently 12 international airports in China where foreign passengers can enter into popular cities in China.
A variety of trains operate within the boundaries of China between cities. We recommend fast trains d, g, and c by train. The average speed of such trains is 250 km per hour or higher. Fast trains are high-speed, safety, reliability, comfortable and eco-friendly. Fast trains exist in most tourist cities.
China has more than 5800 rivers of 400 thousand kilometers of total longitudinal size. It has the world's largest waterway. A river cruise is known not only as a way of transport but also as a means of relaxing and enjoying the natural surroundings of China.
Evidence from the Dar Es Salaam port, Tanzania

Air freight from China

The best way to use a Chinese airline service is when your product is short of weight or volume or if you run out of cargo on time. The costs of this service are much higher than those of the China maritime shipping service, but not comparable to the safety of shipping and the speed of shipping from China by maritime shipping method. The duration of the Chinese air transport is also much less than the maritime kind. Overall, the Chinese air transport services are very suitable for goods of high value weighing less than 1000 kilograms.

Railway Freight

China has 340/53 km of electric railroad and diesel locomotives. The country's railway transportation is comprised of the 264/000 wagon, 318 station, and 43 international postal lines, which make these railway lines a significant contribution to transportation through a railway in China. The small capacity of these railway lines is intended for foreign trade of China, which is divided into two groups.
  1. International Railway of China to the Eastern European countries and the People's Republic of China
  2. Container shipping international railway through Siberia to European countries
Tanker shipping
Collapsible Container

Maritime transportation from China

China's waterways are vastly expanding due to the 50,000 rivers that make up these roads. Since the waterways in China have not frozen over the years, you can use them throughout the year. Chinese shipping routes have 18,000 kilometers of coastline and are maritime transport in the middle of 10 states with more than 20 major cities in the region. By late 1990, China had reached a total of 251 deepwater ports. That shipping platform in China has resulted in 90% of China's external trade by sea. The growth of free trade zones and increased trade in China has resulted in increasing pressure on China's ports.