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Finding the best shipping company or freight forwarder in China can be a very serious challenge. Some of these companies are traditional freight forwarders, while others are shipping marketplaces, where you can get quotations, book, and pay and track your shipments. Even if you apply CIF terms, to make maximum profit and avoid your loss, you’d better know how to deal with shipping by yourself. Logistics account for a tenth of the world GDP and includes everything from small-scale bookings agencies to online platforms with live tracking. In this guide, we help you select the best freight forwarders in China for your import business.


Best freight forwarders in China: Flexibility and Operational Efficiency

The likelihood that an independent does everything in their power to resolve an issue is much higher than a multinational, which probably has too many problems to try to help you with a sense of urgency. Every country will have different regulations that have to be fully understood and met by the international freight provider to ensure safe and speedy delivery of goods. There are a lot of paperwork and administration, logistics, currency, timings, time differences, language barriers, and strict import, export, and customs procedures to consider.

best freight forwarders in china

FC can optimize your global transportation on the following aspects:

Best freight forwarders in China.

  • LCL’s optimization: Consolidate smaller shipments into larger cost-effective ones
  • Carrier: Choose the most suitable shipping lines or airlines
  • Shipping method: air, courier, ocean, or rail comparison for each specific shipment
  • Route: Maximize route cost savings
  • Others: paperwork, insurance, customs, packing, inland trucking and more


Liner Services

Best freight forwarders in China: Our services have been recognized as reliable and professional. It enables us to win the trust and support from direct customers, agents, and shipping lines. Currently, we are appointed as feeder transport operator for many shipping lines in Hong Kong. Our Company operates its own fleet of vessels to ensure that top quality is achieved.

best freight forwarders in china