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Amazon FBA shipping – Strive for success

Online shopping has become a trend these days and many people all around the world prefer to buy their clothes, food, home stuffs and even raw materials for part of their manufactures, online. In this regard, Amazon offers their FBA shipping service. It can help the businesses to participate in this huge market and also allow them to be seen in a competitive environment alongside other ones.

How does Amazon FBA shipping service help us?

What should the seller do?

What factors do Amazon FBA fees?

How does Topshipping can help?

How does Amazon FBA shipping works?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) will take care of every thing for you. When someone buys your products, their pack it and ship it to him/her. In other words:

  • You sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon and register your business.
  • You send your products to Amazon
  • They are stored in Amazon fulfillment centers.
  • Then they prepare it for sale.
  • If some one orders your product, Amazon picks, packs, ships and tracks it for you.
  • They also handle returns, damages, complaints and refunds.

One of its advantages is two day and overnight shipping. Also, you can be sure that your customers will receive the best services through Amazon FBA shipping service. Thus, you can spend all your energy on production. FBA service is known for his fast delivery and excellent customer services.

More than 300 million customers are using Amazon. Companies and businesses using Amazon FBA shipping service open up their market to Amazon Prime-only shoppers which are growing day bay day. The Prime customers spend more money in Amazon and that figure simply reaches $ 1,300 per year. Thus, they get more benefits such as free two day shipping. For example Non-Prime members have to pay over $17 to get their product in 7 days but Prime members can get it free in 2 days, or free in 5 days with a reward thrown in as a bonus. As a result, if your product is visible to Prime members, you can make more money.

Your responsibility 

  • Take your time to choose your product name and try to make it attractive and short.
  • Advertise on the Amazon for your product thorough AMS, so that it can be seen and compete with other products.
  • Check your inventory regularly.
  • Make time for your product’s bullet point. When a customer clicks on your product, the first thing they see is the bullet point. So make sure you give him/her accurate and useful information.
  • You need to have a reasonable repricing program. Good sales and success in competing with other similar goods are not at a low price. With prices fluctuating, you have to put a reasonable and competitive price on it every time.

Amazon FBA shipping fees

But, as a seller, for using Amazon FBA shipping services, you should pay for the fees such as:

  • storage fees based on the size and time
  • picking, packing and shipping price
  • access to one of the largest and most advanced fulfillment networks
  • custom services
  • product returns, etc

So, first be careful in choosing your product for sale. Be aware of its popularity and its rank. Because if your product stays in the Amazon fulfillment warehouses for more than six months and does not sell, the warehouse fees will be sky-high. If you want to avoid the cost of warehousing, make sure that your goods are sold quickly.

There are also other factors that affect your costs: High-value or large goods that need more care, are costs more. Warehousing and fulfillment costs increase in October-December.

In the USA, each state has different sales tax laws, and Amazon is constantly moving inventory to warehouses in different states. That way, your tax bill will not be fixed and may not be cost effective. You can check here for more details.

Amazon FBA shipping services at Topshipping

We offer different types of freight forwarding services, through air and marine. We provide facilities for companies and businesses to use Amazon FBA shipping services in China. Top Shipping will help you handling all necessary customs documents and regulations, while saves a lot of time, energy and money for your business. Our experts are in charge of helping our clients in different steps, including factory auditing and Pre-Inspection.


Amazon FBA shipping

Pre-Inspection and Factory Audit in China

Finding supplier and inventories that can meet your expectations is a time consuming task for you. Our experts in Topshipping can take care of it through our Amazon FBA shipping services.

Among the many services, We can offer pre-inspection of your cargo, in the supplier location before you finalize your payment. It will be performed through a random inspection of a part of cargo as well as part of supplier’s facilities. Our staff will provide business owners and companies a comprehensive inspection report which covers different aspects of the inspection process.

Also, we can provide our clients a factory audit of their chosen supplier in China. In principle, this process can be done at any time. However it is typically done either after compilation of your entire order by supplier or before balancing of the payment. Thus, we explain this results in a report that consist of different parts, such as:

  • Amazon FBA Shipping
  • Visit to the factory of your choice by our expert audit team
  • Verification of quality and safety standards; etc.

Shipping and Customs Brokerage

Amazon FBA sellers can use our logistics services to ensure safe and easy freight forwarding of their cargo from China to Amazon fulfillment centers all around the world:

  • Delivery of different products to origin port (based on EXW) from supplier
  • Receiving products from the factory based on FOB
  • Sea or air freight forwarding from port of origin to the U.S.A.
  • Customs clearance both in China and the U.S.
  • Delivery of goods to Topshipping warehouse from port
  • Delivery to Amazon’s fulfillment centers and warehouses in different countries.
  • Notifications by Emails throughout the process and regularly tracking report of your orders.

We also take care of receiving and delivering your freights to fulfillment centers:

  • Documentation of received products
  • Notifications and reports consist of bulks count, unit count, weights, dimensions, and shipment condition
  • Inspection of losses or damages through shipments
  • Photos of shipment once we check it
  • Labels for shipment created and applied to each carton (and pallet if applicable)



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